Friday, January 12, 2024

Faber-Castell Unveils Musou Black

Faber-Castell Malaysia (Faber-Castell), the premier brand for writing, drawing and creative design, proudly introduces Musou Black – the world’s blackest paint, to ignite boundless creativity among creative artists of all sorts, both seasoned 
professionals and budding enthusiast alike.

Musou Black, the water-based acrylic paint possesses an astonishing capability to absorb a staggering amount of 99.4% visible-light, making it an unparalleled feature that transforms it into the ultimate darkest black hue. Additional features to enchant every artist would be Musou Black’s beautiful matte finish that adorns on any surface and projects depth onto any artwork.
The introduction of Musou Black by Faber-Castell is a testimony of the company’s commitment to fostering artistic excellence and empowering emerging talents through innovative tools, instruments and colours. This new launch also demonstrates Faber-Castell’s continuous strive in the creative art sphere that is also marked by several ongoing efforts and initiatives in supporting artists and fostering creativity.

Mr Andrew Woon, Managing Director of Faber-Castell Malaysia, emphasised the brand’s dedication to providing innovative art tools and colours beyond imagination to inspire and bring forth all practical needs of the artistic community.

“We are very excited to introduce world’s blackest black paint to Malaysia’s arts scene. Our goal is to inspire and empower every creator, artist, and photographer with a tool that redefines the meaning of depth and intensity. This paint is not just a colour, it is a new canvas that opens endless possibilities. It is our way of fuelling our artists imagination, to help them explore new horizons in their artistic journey. Together we will unveil the unseen, create the uncreated and dive into the richness of the blackest black!” he said.

Recognising the growing trend of artists working across multiple mediums, Faber-Castell has developed versatile tools suitable for mixed media applications, including watercolours, acrylics, poster colours and other mediums. These offerings empower artists to experiment and explore different techniques in their creative pursuits.

Musou Black is a valuable addition to Faber-Castell’s extensive range of acrylic and poster colour paints. It transcends traditional boundaries by offering unparalleled possibilities of mixed paint interactions by injecting depth and versatility into each creative pursuit. 

Furthermore, in the upcoming months, customers can anticipate some exciting activities to be hosted by Faber-Castell. These include a series of engaging workshops, exclusive artist showcases, and a collection of video tutorials designed to assist Musou Black users in unlocking their creativity.

Musou Black is available now at any major stationery stores and hypermarkets nationwide or you may shop them at Faber-Castell’s eShop at

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