Thursday, August 14, 2008

Children Deserve

Typing this based on what my mummy read in Wonderworld Toy's little booklet.....
Personally think this is very nice~~~

What children deserve~~~
Daily Greetings: A simple word of encouragement to start their day
Play: The 'work' during childhood
Praise: For the joy they bring into our lives
Dreams: Believe in what the future brings
Understanding: Remember that you were once a child, too
Unconditional Love: Action speaks for your heart
Inspiration: Dare to think big and look beyond tomorrow
Joy: Brighten their lives and ours
Mentor: To be their guiding star at all times
Opportunities: Discover what makes their hearts take wings
Nature: Charmed by the clear blue sky and appreciate the beauty of a rainbow
Caring: The comfort of knowing that someone cares
Laughter: Laugh and the world laughs with you
Time: Quality time together is hours and minutes best spent
Security: Happiness begins with the feeling of safety
Touch: Endless hugs and kisses
Space: Freedom to explore the environment
Us: Our presence more than our presents
Toys: valueble learning companion all through the years

Mummy try her best to give all of the above to me...
And I'm a extremely happy baby to have all!~


slavemom said...

U r indeed a vy lucky bb.

Administrator said...

i cant agree more...this is so true...happy parenting...!

cre8tone said...

Happy parenting to all mummies!~

MommyAngel said...

Nice sharing .... little prince is a lucky bb to have all the above for sure :)

cre8tone said...

I'm pretty sure bb angel hv all the above, too!~

MommyAngel said...

I do hope so ... hehehe .... anyway, I have a TAG (Household chores I hate) for you in my blog, come get it when you are free ok?

cre8tone said...

Mummy Angel, I just saw that in ur blog, will do it soon!~

Anonymous said...
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