Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stationery Set

I got this stationery set months ago,
When I join chicky club,
Before my first birthday celebrations...

After I come out with my first masterpiece,
And instead of just reading,
Mummy thought of want to train me with little bit of drawing...

Recently she took out the set,
And let me play around using my own creativity~~~~~~

Instead of drawing and writing,
I actually enjoy myself very much,
Playing around with the stationery...
Especially the wonderful pencil box~~~

Maybe drawing and writing have to wait, still...
Mummy, can you see 3+ on the box?
I'm still a little too early to learn!~
Mummy said she enjoys just watching me,
Playing around with the stationery!~
She said,
At least I love to hold and play around with pencils and crayon etc,
A great start!~


Administrator said...

i think it is fine to expose kids to toys meant for older kids...they will find it more fascinating...

niko said...

same with yena, she enjoys holding her night time books.. of course reading and writing have to wait.. heheh

take care little prince!

2ma said...

good start! let him play with it. you can hold his hand & guide him...

agnes said...

hahaha.. I got the same set for chloe last last time and remained untouch until now.. :P

LittleLamb said...

I think Sean is leaning to be more the mummy.

sting said...

oh, that's great that he can do it and enjoys it at the same time :-)

Oliveoylz said...

Oh...this set looks familiar...I have one sitting at home too...he he. Little Prince is sure curious, discovering new things everyday. His so lucky mummy expose him to many new stuff!

Mummy Gwen said...

They are really curious at this age. Everything also want. :P

slavemom said...

My boy loves color pencils too. But he likes to throw them all over the floor. Then sit on the floor n scribble on a paper (n sometimes the floor :|).

cre8tone said...

Contendedmom, yaya, I saw his facinating's expression.. haha~

Niko, Yena also smart reader, ya? hehe~~

2ma, Will start guiding him soon..

Agnes, take out and let chloe play la..

Littlelamb, pai seh, I'm artistic meh? hahahaha~~

Sting, I love to c him enjoying..

Olive, that also, not enough new things for him to explore.. hahaha~~ Where got so many new things for him?

Mummy Gwen, ya lo~ grab watever he sees..

Slavemom, my boy oso throw on the floor, then put it back in the pencil box, then pour out again, the put in back again.. keep on repeating!~ And hor, he really enjoys doing so! haha

Anonymous said...

guess, after every masterpiece, mommy needs to pick up the pieces...*laugh*

Serene said...

Dear, an award for you. Come pick it up when u free..

Have a nice weekends! =)

Fussy mum said...

It's a nice stationery set you've got there. Perhaps you could teach him colors using this set. Or just let him scribble on a piece of paper. Have fun!

andrewjune said...

oopsss...i haven't buy any statianories yet lah...oppsss! i buy more clothes than books or pens or pencils for my daughter hahaha...bad mummy ehhh?

he will be using them very soon!


MeRy said...

Good start,Sean!!

Physiomom said...

My 3 yr old & 4 yr old enjoy playing with their colour pencils..sharpening them then scribling them on their koko's old books though i get them nice colouring books..they were just not ready at first but since they started nursery school, their interest to colour proper coloring book was enhanced & spend most time doing that at home after school. My boys on the other hand dnt really enjoy this activity,,..prefers just drawing using 2b PENCILS ON NOTE BOOK.

Jan Lee said... stuff for the little prince to explore.....good for him and good for you....always good to tingle their sensory senses.....:)

Anonymous said...

Is mummy here trying to get her baby to be an artist? hehehe...Btw, can I link u in my blog? Thx!

cre8tone said...

Angeline, there'll b lot more pieces to pick up with~ haha~

Serene, thankx for the award!~

Fussy mum, I'm teaching him colour as well... But I think he still need lots of repetition to catch up~~

June, I didn't bought this set either, It's free gift when join chicky club... Gals clothes r really tempting.. I would have bought more more clothes if I've a daughter.. haha~~

Mery, yup, hope he had a great start..

Renet, you must b enjoying every single drawing and colouring session with ur kids!~

Jan, hope he can learn more with this new set.. :)

Dora, not sure about being artist or not, but trying to get him expose on more things~~~ Of coz can link up.. I've added u in :)

Moomykin said...

Oh, I remember the first stationery set Micah received was from a gift exchange at a Christmas party. I kept it away till he was ready to look at those stuff, played with them a little then I packed them back.

He still prefers colour water-markers, crayons and paint.

cre8tone said...

Keep until so good? hehe~~ When is the great age to introduce them with stationery huh?

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