Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coloured Building!~

Do you still remember my old toys:
ABC Mega Block?

Well well well...
I found a new creative way of,
Playing with it!~

This time,
Instead of learning ABC,
I try to recognize the colours!~

I put all the same colour together,
To form a building!~

And what I did with the bigger pieces?
I use them to make a 'gun'!~
To shoot the big builing!~

When mummy said: Yellow!
I'll spot for my yellow building,
And 'destroy' it with my gun!~

Such a fun new game,
With my old toys!~


smallkucing said...

fantasic. Straight can sort the blocks according to colour.

mNhL said...

Old toys can be interesting too.

Mummy Gwen said...

Smart boy. He knows the colours very well. :)

wenn said...

interesting and fun..

HN said...

Yeah, smart that he can sort out hte color!!! Bravo little prince!

Angeline said...

don't you just love those building blocks? The benefits from them are just endless....

cre8tone said...

smallkucing, not bad, right?

mNhL, new idea of playing old toys...

Mummy Gwen, just catch up recently with colours! :)

Wenn, yeah! He enjoys it!

HN, Thankx~

Angeline, yeah!~ Fully agree with you... The benefits are endless!~

Julie said...

It's a good toy. Sometimes Jonathan will stack up in 2 colours alternately.

cre8tone said...

Julie, wah, so geng! Can sort out the colour alternately already?!

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