Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monster Inc

Daddy bought Monster Inc DVD for me,
Later on,
He bought ladybird book,
With the same story,
From warehouse sales...

I like this story very much!
I super love the cutie baby girl in the story!

One night,
Before sleep,
Daddy read this book for me,

Scenario 1:
Daddy: Monster coming out from the door!
Me: No scared!
Daddy: You so brave?
Me: Learn Kung Fu, fight fight fight with monster!
Daddy: .........


Scenario 2:
Daddy: Monster coming out from the door!
Me: Daddy, close your eyes, faster!
Daddy: Why?
Me: No more monster!
Daddy: ............


Unknown said...

Lol so cute!

the little prince said...

what a cheeky boy ya!

七月的秘密 said...

HAHAHA, very smart boy. :P

cre8tone said...

smallkucing, ya lor, he got his own solution...

cheeyee, I was laughing when I heard his answer!~

The little prince, yeah!~


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