Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Hot Wheels Book Tracks

I've been following Aunty Anggie's blog review,
For the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks ~~~~~~

I'm over-delighted to know that,
She's giving away 3 sets of....
Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Mid Air Madness......

I decided to join the fun,
And build my very own Hot Wheel Track~~~~
Hoping that my Hot Wheels cars will have their very own,
Super cool original Hot Wheel Tracks to race on very soon!!!~

I put my chair in the position,
Which I can arrange my hard-covered-books on it....

The reason why I choose those books as my track:
There's something very special about the books.....
They actually owned by my mummy when she was still a kid,
And now,
They belongs to me and mei mei........

What's more special about the books are:
I not only can read the contents and gain knowledge from it,
I also can transform it to my Hot Wheel F1 Racing Track!!!~~~~~

Dang Dang Dang Dang...
My complete Hot Wheel Racing Track!

I purposely put it near to the piano chair,
So that my mei mei can sit on the piano chair,
To play together with me......
Considering she might not be able to reach,
The top of my track with her height.....
I'm a thoughtful kor kor, ain't I?

Vroom Vroom Vroom!~
Racing time starts NOW!!!

On your mark,
Get Set,

1 comment:

Anggie's Journal said...

cool wan :)
thanks for the support ya ... !!

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