Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Genting - Junior Bumper Car

We went to Genting,
For the 1st day of 2013.......
Thought it might be very crowded...
But the crowd is still acceptable......
No jam when we drive up or down,
No long Q when we want to play the games....

We played and played nonstop,
In the Genting Indoor Theme Park,
@ First World......

Don't be surprise,
If I tell you,
How many times me and mei mei,
Continuously riding.......
The Junior Bumper Car!!!

More than 10 times!!!!!
Each and every time,
After our session finish,
We rush to the Q,
And go inside,
To drive the bumper car...
Again and again and again!!!~

Not at all.......
It is so much fun!!!

Of course,
We don't just play the bumper car.....
We did go for the carousel,
And other children rides, too!~

Hop over to my mei mei's blog,
To see what we play,
Again and again, too!

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