Thursday, January 17, 2013

LISTERINE® 21 days challenge

Are you ready for......
Listerine® 21 days challenge?

Towards the vision of...
An oral healthy nation,
Listerine® is on the mission:
To encourage Malaysian adults,
To use mouthwash,
For an improved oral health,
With Listerine® 21 days challenge...

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Malaysia,
And Singapore Commercial Director,
Eunice Tan was giving her speech.....
During the campaign launch.

According to her,
Brushing teeth cleans,
Only 23% of the mouth....
Rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash,
Is highly crucial..
To weed out bacteria in areas,
Where brushing cannot reach.
A survey has showed that,
Only 23.6% Malaysians regularly use mouthwash...

To instill the healthy habit of adopting mouthwash,
As part of Malaysian's daily oral cleansing regimen,
Listerine® 21 days challenge was conducted....
With money-back guarantee!!!~~
An assurance of Listerine® efficacy,
To improve consumers' oral health.....

Leading the campaign are:
21 local celebrities:
Actors, radio and TV re presenters,
Singers and Sports personalities.....
Who had taken up the challenge,
And Adopted Listerine® mouthwash,
In their daily oral hygiene routine. 

Awal Ashaari, Scha Alyahya, Jay Menon,
Atilia, Dynas Mokhtar and Lawrence Wong....
Sharing their Listerine® 21 days challenge's story on stage....

Lawrence Wong,
Posing with Listerine®!

All the celebrities,
Including Frederick Lee,
Vroom off on cool cars with style....
Of course,
Not forgetting,
To confidently showing:
Their white, hygiene teeth,
After completing the 21 days challenge....

Keen to kick-start a lifetime of oral health?
Take up Listerine® 21 days challenge today,
And see the difference for yourself!~
After all,
You have nothing to lose:
Except embarrassing bad breath and dental pains..
With their money-back guarantee....

Good news:
Listerine® Malaysia is celebrating,
Their Facebook page launch,
With a discount coupon.................
Available at this link
Simply download and print to redeem at Watsons Stores.

Listerine® antiseptic mouthwash,
Is available in 9 flavors:
1. Cool Mint with germ-killing power (No.1 seller)
2. Fresh Burst  - superior in germ killing efficacy.
3. Original - oldest and most classic variant.
4. Fresh Citrus - Gentle on you with milder citrus flavor.
5. Tartar Control to fight with tartar build up.
6. Bright & Clean contains Whitenol to reduce plague build-up and stain.
7. Teeth & Gum Defence contains fluoride to reduce cavities.
8. Total Care - Proven to offer 6 superior benefits of healthy mouth.
9. Natural Green Tea - Oral goodness of green tea extract & 2x fluoride to prevent cavities.

At major hyper and supermarkets,
And pharmacies nationwide...

For more information,
Or call 03-7787 3106 (Mon-Thu, 9am-5pm; Fri 9am-3pm)

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