Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Final Countdown For Malaysia’s Numero UNO®

Remember Rachel?

Dr. Koh Lee Min (Rachel’s father), 
Rachel Koh (Malaysia’s Numero UNO®), 
Zachary Koh (Rachel’s brother), 
And Ms. Ang Chiew Hooi (Rachel’s mother) 
Playing a round of UNO® Attack...

Following her win as Malaysia’s First Numero UNO®, 
The time has finally come for our nine year-old national champion 
To take flight and compete in 
The Asia UNO® Challenge Grand Finals 
This November in Tokyo, Japan.

With the grand finals set to take place on 3 November 2013, 
The unassuming and soft-spoken young lady 
Has been practising hard behind the scenes with her family and friends 
To be able to give her best at the competition.
For the Koh family however, 
UNO® is more than just a competition. 
The game has played an integral role in their family’s social and bonding routine.

 “We are incredibly grateful for this privilege 
That the Asia UNO® Challenge has given to us. 
It has been an eye-opener, 
As often times we are swept away by modern technology 
Where we neglect the true essence of real interactive play. 
As a family, 
We try our best to make it a point to spend some quality family time 
Over a game of UNO® 
As it encourages physical and intellectually-stimulating interaction,” 
Said Rachel’s father, Dr. Koh Lee Min, a paediatric specialist.

Aside from regular UNO® nights with the family, 
Rachel tries to spend at least half an hour a day 
To practice the game with her little brother Zachary, who is five – another rising UNO® star and Rachel’s regular UNO® “sparring partner” – 
In anticipation of the upcoming grand finals.

“I am nervous of course, 
But at the same time, really excited, 
As I do enjoy a good game of UNO®. 
I am also really excited to explore Japan with my family 
And to just have a good time,” 
said Rachel when asked of her thoughts on the approaching competition.

Rachel’s first major exposure 
To the game was during the UNO® Challenge preliminary rounds 
At the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta event back in March. 
Little did the family know that 
The encouragement from her mom to accept the challenge 
Then would take Rachel on a life-changing and edifying learning experience.

“Since being crowned Malaysia’s national UNO® champion, 
We have seen Rachel’s confidence level built in participating in more competitions. 
We are incredibly proud of her,” said proud mom, Ms. Ang Chiew Hooi.

Rachel will compete with seven other national UNO® champions 
From Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, and Hong Kong, 
Paving a way for Malaysia as she stands a chance to be Asia’s Numero UNO®.

The winner of the Asia UNO® Challenge in Japan will win an UNO® Champion Shield, 
an UNO “Happi” (a Japanese traditional wear at festivals) 
And a flag that represents victory in Japanese traditions.

The Asia UNO® Challenge was an initiative to highlight positive UNO® brand values, 
Which are to educate and nurture children, 
As well as to serve as an ideal platform for families to interact 
And bond through this family friendly, fast-paced yet simple game for all. 

“We are really moved to see how a simple card game such as UNO®, 
Is able to help bring children out of their shells and build confidence through meaningful play. 
This is one of many reasons why Mattel continues to design and create the future of play,” 
Said Ms. Petrina Kho, Commercial Director of Mattel Southeast Asia. 

 “We believe that UNO® has a magically universal appeal to all generations, 
Bridging cultural boundaries. 
It is through the Asia UNO® Challenge, 
That we hope to bring back more interaction between children and their families, 
Strengthening family bonds through a fun game of cards - 
At the same time, 
Helping children develop greater strategic and communication skills at an early age”, 
Added Ms. Petrina Kho.

UNO® is an all-time family favourite that promises ‘Fast Fun for Everyone!’TM
It is a classic fast-paced card game that is loved by adults and children alike 
Because it is easy to learn and fun to play.

For more information on the 2013 Asia UNO Challenge, 
Please visit


Huai Bin said...

Congrats to Rachel! :)

Traveling to a competition at such a young age would be invaluable to her personal development. I didn't manage to go that far (just inside the country) but it was very memorable.

Good luck to her in Tokyo! I bet she'll beat me at Uno with both eye closed.

Merryn said...

I used to love playing UNO during school days. These days I've forgotten how to play it!

LadyBird said...

tahniah :D..

cre8tone said...

Huai Bin, Me neither... Don't go so far... Btw, just to update: she got the 5th place!~

Merryn, I love it too! It's still in my mind until today... Still can remember how to play!~

Ladybird, :)

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