Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gift Idea For Christmas with Lazada

Is fulfilled....
Via online purchase....

As a mother of 3,
Mummy always thinks that..
Shopping is really a hectic job for her....
But now with Lazada...
She can shop whenever and wherever she wants...
Especially while me and my siblings are having a nap...
And the items will deliver to our doorstep....
As soon as we even realized it!~

Guess what?!~
I'm exploring my early christmas gift!~
Just becauseLazada is too effective!~

My early christmas gift:
Mattel's Angry Birds Happy Holidays Game!~
Hands-on version of the touch screen hit.. 
Suitable for 2-4 players....

What I like about this set of game is...
It includes green bird and santa hats....
Truly in Christmas mood now!~

The game set contains:
2 Angry Birds,
3 Pigs,
2 Santa Hats,
3 Large Snow Girders,
2 Small Snow Girders,
1 Snappable Ice Girders,
2 Small Ice Girders,
2 Large Stone Girders,
2 Stone Cubes,
1 Bonus Egg Piece,
1 Bonus Star Pice,
Bird Launchers,
32 Mission Cards,
8 Points Cards,
And Instructions.....

Let's zoom in and view my 2 cute angry birds...

Little piglets that's really in Christmas mood...
Extra points will be given,
If players successfully knock off,
Their cutie Santa hat!~

The Mission Cards come with,
Different level of difficulties!

It is a game for us,
To build, launch and destroy,
With and exciting skill-and-action game,
Based on the best-selling digital app Angry Birds..

Players of the game draw a mission card,
And build the structure shown,
Before opponents launch an Angry Bird,
In an attempt to knock it,
And the pigs
Down to win points...

Let's start the game NOW!~

It's more challenging than we thought.. 
Requires lots of hand-fingers coordination, 
Team work, balancing 
And shooting-force estimation..


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I have not tried shopping from Maybe I should try after reading this post.

cre8tone said...

Try try.. It's so convenient!~

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