Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sunway Pyramid Christmas - Faerie Dreams

This Christmas,
Sunway Pyramid is collaborating,
With Children's Wish Society of Malaysia...
To make wishes come true...
For terminally ill children.....

Unique Christmas concept 'Faerie Dreams'....
Aim to inspire shoppers..
To realise dreams for themselves,
And for others, too!~
After all,
This is what we call,
The true spirit of Christmas!~

Pledge to help the children,
To fulfill their last wish,
And bring smiles,
Upon their faces....

A tangible wish come true,
Is only moments away,
When you decide to make it real....

President of Chidren's Wish Society of Malaysia,
Tan Sri Dato' Dr. Ramon V. Navaratnam;
Managing Director of Property Investment Division, Sunway Group,
Dato' Ngeow Voon Yean;
Chief Operating Officer of Sunway Shopping Malls,
Kevin Tan,
With local celebrities initiate the launch of 'Faerie Dreams'...

Realizing Chong Poey Yuan's wish,
To sing in a concert!~

And his little brother's dream,
Chong Jun Kit wished to become a pilot!~
He'll later on take a tour on helicopter....
He must be truly delighted that,
His flying dream came true this Christmas!~

Elvin Raj, 11-year-old boy,
Whom wish to be a policeman..
Tuan Yahaya Ramli,
Donned a police uniform for him....
He's looking so smart in his uniform, right?

Another 7 children from Children's Wish Society's wishes,
Was fulfilled during the launch....
Trust me,
It's kind of special feeling,
To see and plant a smile,
On terminally ill children!~

Santa is giving away some goodies bags....
Shoppers can donate RM10,
And get a feather to be added,
To the biggest faerie wings in town,
At water feature....
Or toss a coin and make a wish,
At the Wishing Fountain,
In Sunway Pyramid...

All the proceeds,
Will go to Children's Wish Society of Malaysia,
To help terminally ill children,
To fulfill their wish...
Such a wonderful and meaningful event!~

Last but not least...
Leo and Leona's appearance,
In their faerie wings:
The Wings of Hope!~


Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Daw. So heartwarming to see the spirit of Xmas. :)

elliecleffairy said...

Ohh, angry birds... my son is a big fan of angry birds!

cre8tone said...

Kelvin, The real spirit of Xmas.. Sharing and helping others.. :)

Cleffairy, only got santa and fairies here.. :)

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