Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Philips-Disney's Pyjama Party

Philips and Disney,
Is working together,
To light up children's imagination.......

It's a Pyjama Party,
Plus Official Launching of...
Philips-Disney's Softpals and LivingColors Mickey Minnie!~

Mother-daughter MC,
Perfect MC team!~
I love their presentation very much!~

Presentation by Adrine Ong,
General Manager of Philips Lighting Malaysia...

Little camp for little explorer,
To explore the magic of light!~
In their imaginary world!~

Face painting,
But practically,
You may paint on anywhere you want!~

Tattoo of the day!~
Is one of the fun activities available,
For the kids...

Happy kids,
With their very own Philips Disney's light!~

Philips-Disney's Softpals,
And LivingColors Mickey Minnie,
Are now available in market!~


Sherry Go Sharing said...

softpals are so cute!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

i like the minnie one hehehe

cre8tone said...

Sherry, yes, they are very cute!~

Ayu, to be honest, I like all of them.. hahaha!~

leeanne said...

really cute lamp...

Unknown said...

I love pyjama party!


cre8tone said...

LeeAnne, go get one for your daughter.. :)

Nady Bubble, me too!~ :)

Nick said...

so cute! hahaha


Merryn said...

Cute lights :)

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