Thursday, July 3, 2014

Horlicks® Chocolate

Kids want to be Tall, Sharp, Strong!~
But H-O-W?!?!?!?!?!

Refer to The Star Newspaper,
At Page 6, Star 2 Column,
On 30 May 2014....
An article about the hidden hunger...
And the hidden concerns...
You'll know the answer to that question is:
The brand new Horlicks Chocolate!

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, 
A leading global FMCH company,
In the nutritional and OTC healthcare segments, 
Introduced a new-and-improved formulation 
For its classic malt beverage, 
Enriching its existing formula 
With a blend of micronutrients 
To help optimise holistic development in children.  

Horlicks® Chocolate provides children 
With 23 vital nutrients:
Including calcium, protein and multivitamins 
To support their need 
For overall growth and development.

The emphasis on creating a nutrient-packed beverage 
Has its roots in research 
Which indicates there is a significant nutritional gap 
Amongst Malaysian children with 13.2% being underweight 
and 15.8% showing stunted growth.

This is due in large part to poor dietary habits such as skipping breakfast,
This in turn is associated with deficiencies in micronutrients 

Frequent consumption of snacks and fast foods
And low consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Such as iron, iodine, vitamin A and vitamin D 
Which are important for healthy growth and development.

Since its global introduction over 100 years ago, 
Horlicks® has stayed true to its original positioning 
As a quality, nourishing product that supports the health of the entire family.  

The brand enjoys the trust of generations of discerning mothers, 
A relationship which has been nurtured by the brand 
Through significant fortification of its formula over the years.  

Today, the Horlicks® formula helps address ‘hidden hunger’, 
A nutritional issue related to micronutrient deficiencies, 
Which still exists amongst children in Malaysia.

According to Professor Dr Khor Geok Lin, 
Professor of Nutrition from the International Medical University Malaysia (IMU), 
Hidden hunger is unlike the hunger that comes from a lack of food. 
It is a chronic lack of vitamins and minerals that often has no visible warning signs, 
So that people who suffer from it may not even be aware of it. 
Its consequences are nevertheless disastrous; 
As hidden hunger can lead to poor mental development, 
Poor physical health and productivity. 

“Women and children from the lower income groups 
In developing countries are often the most affected,
But local studies in Malaysia have shown that 
Even school children in urban areas like KL and PJ 
Have micronutrient deficiencies including that of vitamin D; 
Which is important for the absorption of calcium. 
Zinc, iron and iodine deficiencies also have been observed in Malaysian children. 
Thus, it is important to inform mothers and educate children from young 
To eat right and have a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals,” 
Added Professor Khor.

“We understand that 
Mothers always want the best for their children 
And Horlicks® Chocolate delivers 
A very specific combination of nutrition 
To help provide what a growing child needs 
For overall growth and development.  
Plus, the new health beverage comes with a rich, delicious chocolate taste.  

Today, we have successfully combined the unique benefits of Horlicks® nourishment 
With a wonderful new taste that kids will find hard to resist!” 
Added Katharine Chen, Marketing Director of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Malaysia.

Power packed with 23 vital nutrients, 
Including calcium to support the growth of strong bones, 
Protein to help build body tissues, 
As well as multivitamins and minerals, 
The new Horlicks® Chocolate possesses the natural goodness of milk, 
Malted barley and wheat to support the overall nutritional needs of children.

The launch of Horlicks® Chocolate 
Also kick-starts a series of roadshows 
To engage families with fun activities, 
Plus a Horlicks® Mobile Truck offering free samples, 
Which will be making stops at selected shopping malls 
And other high-traffic locations around Malaysia.

Look out for the new Horlicks® Chocolate 
At all supermarkets, hypermarkets and provision stores 
In 200g (RM6.50), 400g (RM10.50), 1kg (RM21.50)
And 2kg packs (RM42.00) 
Or in 3-in-1 sachets (RM10.50) for convenience.

For more information on Horlicks®, 
Please visit 
Or call the consumer hotline 1-800-88-3225. 


Rose world said...

I am not a fan of Horlicks. Tried get my kids to drink them but they are not keen. maybe can try chocolate flavour.

Merryn said...

If Ethan drink this will he get taller? I love Horlicks. Been drinking for ages :) *but still not tall* Hahaha..

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