Thursday, July 31, 2014


The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner...
By Abeesy Lifestyle Store..

It is very intelligent..
With Self navigation,
Anti-drop from stairs,
Smart avoidance and rerouting from obstacles..
Cleaning time scheduling..

I could fully control it,
With remote control as well...

Charging-mode in progress...

Everyone close to us will know,
How much problems...
Caused by our philipinos maid.....
Compared to some other persons,
Our case might still be tiny problem..

Why trust a maid?
Better trust a robot...

Our floor is truly clean now...
With Rovac around....
Despite mummy's busy schedule,
Rovac really lighten mummy's housework's burden..
Totally no need to sweep the floor,
Even need to mop the floor also lesser!!!
As the floor is always in the clean mode!

Highly recommended!!!
With very reasonable price!~
Mummy already purchased 2 units,
One for our own house,
One for my wai por's house..

Bravo to our dust-free floor!!!

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