Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Be a Dugrostar!

With Dugrostar,
Every child gets to be a star!

This opportunity is open to children 
In two age-based categories:
3-6 years old 
6+ to 10 yrs old

Participants in each age group
Can enter in these segments-
Singing, dancing, playing and instrucment,
Or a combination of these talents..
And perform individually,
Or in a group of up to six children.

From now to 12 October,
Parents can register their child in 3 ways:
1. By uploading a video of their child's performance at www.dugro.com.my
2. By visiting select nationwide roadshow where live recordings can be made
3. By submiting the completed registration form with a recording of child's performance to the address found on the registration form.

Step-by-step guide,
On how to be a Dugrostar...

Step 1:
Log on to Dugro's website:

Step 2:
Click on the Registration button
For the form..

Step 3:
Fill in the form...

Step 4: 
Remember to key in unique code "HH0004"

Why you need to key in my unique code?
Because if you are one of the Top 3 winners,
You'll not only win the cash prize by Dugro,
You'll also get a mystery gift from cre8tone!~
A small token of appreciation from me,
For being so supportive!

Are you ready to rock Dugrostar?
Well, I am.....

My video is up!~
And I'll be expecting yours, too!

Come on,
Let's show your best talent now!~
And celebrate our talent together...
Who knows,
You or me, 
Will be the one 1st prize winner 
And walk away with:
RM5000 Cash prize from Dugro...

Be a Dugrostar,
Be so much more!~

Good luck!


For more information 
On Dugro® and Dugrostar™, 
Log on to www.dugro.com.my 
Or call the Dumex CareLine 
At 1-800-38-1038.

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