Friday, March 13, 2015

Spotlight IPC Shopping Centre

Went Spotlight Ampang...
Australia's largest fabric,
Craft, party and homemaker superstore...
As artsy crafty people,
We love this shop so much!~

Great news!
Spotlight is opening its 2nd store,
at IPC Shopping Centre,
On 14 March sharp at 10am!~

General Manager Marketing of Spotlight,
Jono Gelfand,
Posing with cute cute balloons..
Inside the opening soon Spotlight IPC!~

It's truly a pleasure,
To shop and craft around,
In Spotlight IPC,
Before the stores officially opens...

 "We are excited to expand,
Our business concept,
To IPC Shopping Centre,
Living up to our philosophy,
To be able to offer,
The largest possible choice,
Of fashionable and affordable products,
For sewing, craft and home decorating needs,
To more neighborhoods..

Moving forwards,
We look forward to introduce
More Spotlight largest store yet,
At The Mines will follow closely,
After this opening....."
Says Jono Gelfand..
Join Spotlight VIP Club now!
For free!~
And get exclusive VIP Discounts!~

Oh My!~
So many varieties to choose from!~
I really love shopping here..

Only their fabric session..
Offering a wide selection of choices!~
You can choose any kind of fabrics,
With any colours, any patterns!~

There's a cutting corners,
After we choose our fabrics!~

Don't forget to drop by
Spotlight IPC on 14 March 10am!~
For it's Grand Opening!~

Hop over to Little Artist's blog...

For your information:

Massive Sales @ Spotlight IPC Shopping Centre
Be sure to head over to IPC Shopping Centre this March 14, 10:00 a.m. for Spotlight’s grand opening to enjoy a host of special discounts on selected store favorites. There’ll be great prizes such as gift cards and goodies up for grabs. Not only that, you will also be treated with funny clown gags, crafts session and face painting too.

If you can’t make it bright and early on March 14, fret not. The grand opening sale will be going on until 24th March 2015. Sign up as a VIP member from its website to receive exclusive offers and 


The massive sale will take place from 14th March 2015 until 24th March 2015.
·         Brother AS1430S Sewing Machine: RM 439 each
·         30% off all sheets
·         25% off all kids Bed Linen & Accessories
·         40% off all towels
·         30% off all furnishing fabrics
·         Save RM 100 on the ‘Fabi’ Cutting Machine Starter Kit (now RM 329)
·         20% to 50% off all Yarns
·         30% off beading

·         And lots more!


Sherry said...

so nice catching up with you :D

Debarpan said...

Looks like a nice shopping center to visit.Thanks for letting us know.

Anne V said...

Oh my goodness! It's a crafter's candyland minus the sweets! Wish we had one here in the Philippines! Love the pictures.

Unknown said...

Shopping is everyone's favourite thing to do! And this place looks like a Singapore's Spotlight and IKEA, with plenty of things to do and shop!

Mia Foo said...

spotlight used to be quite big here in sg but they're slowly fading away. i think we're left with 1 and only spotlight in the entire island, and... they're always pretty quiet and empty too.

papaleng said...

Seems a one-stop store for those looking for quality fabrics.

Anonymous said...

Which reminds me that I need new sheets and linen for the house!

I used to love checking out fabrics..I used to get my clothes done instead of buying RTWs.This now makes me think if I want to do that again.

Ron Leyba said...

For sure many will flock in at this shopping centre. Great to know that they offer such price to their customers.

Shayne said...

Wow sale! Who doesn't like sale? I bet you guys are going to have fun there

lilith lee said...

fabric shops are a killer to my purse as always =X

Fred Said said...

The manager looks so goofy and happy. There is nothing that guarantees business success than happy management and staff.

doroexplorero said...

These are great items for dressmakers. I love the picture with pillows! haha I'm a huge fan of pillows. I love sleeping with pillows all around me. hahaha Great store!

Unknown said...

So many things for crafting! If I was there I would go crazy with all those colors and supplies!

Raine Pal said...

A great place to buy things for the bedrooms and dining room for a low price.

Franc said...

They look to have a large range of fibers. I'm sure a lot of hobbyist would be flocking the place.

Fari Wu said...

Spotlight is a really fun place for crafty stuff. Great place to go when you're feeling creative!

Sumi Go said...

This seems like a crafter's paradise! Wish we had Spotlight in Manila too! :D

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