Wednesday, August 12, 2015

'Hitman' David Foster as AirAsia New Global Ambassador

My very first event...
Joining Air Asia Bloggers Community #AABC...
Been wanting eagerly to join this community,
For long enough~~~~
Red is definitely lucky colour of the day!!!~

Air Asia and Air Asia X,
Are the leading and largest,
Low-cost carriers in Asia....
With the greatest tagline:
Now Everyone Can Fly!~
Which realized many people's travel dreams....
Dream comes true!~
How amazing!~

Air Asia,
Announced the appointment of...
David Foster,
16-time Grammy Award Winner,
As the new global brand ambassador,
For their premium product range,
Marking another collaboration,
With a world-renowned personality,
For the airline...

Emcee of the day,
Daphne Iking...
Looks so gorgeous and beautiful in person!~

Tony Fernandes,
Group Chief Executive Officer of Air Asia says,
"David is an old friend,
And we've created many hits,
Together over the years.
David is a legend,
And I'm looking forward to creating many more hits,
Through this collabration,
Especially on our Premium offerings.

Premium Flex,
Is one of a kind product,
Which offers travellers flexibility,
And value-for-money,
With complimentary 20kg baggage,
In-flight meal of their choice,
Up to 2 times flight changes with seat selection,
Priority baggage,
Check-in as well as boarding,"

"This partnership with David,
For our Premium Flex,
And our award-winning Premium Flatbed to start,
Will bolster both products to another level,
Creating a new market for us,
As we continue to evolve,
From being just a low-cost carrier,
To a true value-carrier,
With the best product proposition,"
Added Fernandes..

David Foster,
The newly appointed brand ambassador of Air Asia says,
"AirAsia is a highly regarded brand,
That is nothing short of an amazing success story,
Congratulations on the recent milestone of flying 300 million guests,
In short span of only 14 years!
I'm happy to represent their excellent premium product range,
And I look forward to a great relationship with AirAsia,
As we embark on this partnership."

A very casual yet inspiring chit-chat session,
With Tony Fernandes & David Foster...
Together with Daphne Iking...

AirAsia's guests,
Can look forward,
To exclusive campaigns,
Featuring Foster,
Aimed to further elevate,
AirAsia's premium product range,
As well as various engagement activities,
Which may win them,
A once in a lifetime opportunity,
To meet Foster,
At one of his concerts...

David Foster,
A world renowned musician,
Songwriter, composer, arranger, producer and recording artist,
With 16 Grammy Awards under his belt,
Including three of Producer of the Year,
An Emmy Award,
A Golden Globe,
And also racked up,
3 Oscar Nominations,
For "Best Original Song".

One of the most successful record producer in history,
He realized the musical dreams of superstars,
Like Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion,
Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson,
Madonna, Andrea Bocelli,
Michael Buble, Josh Groban,
Rod Stewart and Stevie Wonder.

Besides that,
He has also earned a reputation,
As a keen spotter of new talent,
Playing a key role,
In the discovery and career,
Launches of Celine Dion, Josh Groban,
Michael Buble, and more recently,
Our very own Yuna,
Who has been signed on by Foster,
As recording artist..

For further updates on AirAsia,
Follow Air Asia's Official Social media accounts,
On Facebook at,
And Twitter at


Miera Nadhirah said...

Waaaaahhhh so fast already post blog... Huhuhu... Thumbs up... Keep up the good work...

Small Kucing said...

now everyone can fly

cindyrina said...

woot woot even AirAsia has global ambassador now. Wonderful event!

Sylvia Lye 美娇娘 said...

The event looked great, I think you had enjoyed it a lot ya!!

Isaac Tan said...

david foster! there can only be one of him! :D.. awesome time

Miriam said...

Ah I am so jealous of you to be able to meet David Foster! I want to be part of AABC too!!


Aliza Sara said...

Looks like an amazing event! AirAsia is on the rise by having an international ambassador! WOOHOO!

Jacqueline Khoo said...

Wow u r so lucky! I wanted to attend their event but never got a chance! Looks damn happening on the day itself! Yeah, my favorite airline - airasia always my choice! Everyone can fly now :D

Selina Wing said...

Great, I hope that Airasia provide more services for the disability community if they really care us!

renaelyng said...

Ah David Foster is back in Malaysia again! Great to hear that he is one of the ambassadors for Air Asia now. :)

Unknown said...

Airasia is my go-to airline when I want to travel and I'm so glad that they found a fitting ambassador to work with. I hope you enjoyed the event and congrats on the first time hehe

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Congratulations to you for being one of them. Nice event there ;)

Sin Yee said...

So good that you can join AirAsia event! Wish the coming event, I can join too. Hahah~

Salma Othman said...

wow the hitman himself!i love David Foster!i even have the hitman game on my phone.hihih

Sharon Lee said...

Having to be so nearto David Foster it was a dream come true! Great event!

Isabel said...

I'm more attracted to Daphne Iking LOl so pretty!

Leona Lim said...

Who doesn't love at least one David Foster song? AIRASIA is smart to get him as ambassador

cre8tone said...

Miera, learn from you ma~~~

Small kucing, AA really realized many of my flying dreams...

Cindyrina, Sylvia, Isaac, super wonderful one! lol

Miriam, been wanted to get in for so longgggg, dream comes true.. haha~

Aliza, definitely!

Selina, I'm sure AA will hear your voice and did more for disability community!~

Renae, Yeah!~

Angelynn, Rane, Thanks~

Sin Yee, too good to be true for me...

Salma, Sharon, So cool, kan? He's standing right besides me, for a moment.. lol

Isabel, she looks so naturally pretty in real!~ Even with minimal make up!~

Leona, nobody, i guess. hahaha~~~

zzz said...

Great post! The event looks fun

Alan Lim said...

Nice to have David around in Malaysia. So up close and personal.

cre8tone said...

Koey.. it's fabulous!~

Alan, yeah.. certainly nice!

Fong Jun Jie said...

seems like an interesting event to attend! never know that there's a new ambassador for airasia, hopefully they will put out more promotion recently!!

Wendy Pua said...

welcome to AABC group!
yes,, David Foster is the Hitman that suits to become airasia ambassador

sweetrainfall said...

Kylie, its soooo good to meet David Foster in person! I want so much to hear his voice singing… @.@

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