Friday, July 29, 2016

Discover Detox Power Cleansing with Men's Biore Double Scrub Facial Foam

Discover the science of...
Detox Power Cleansing,
With Men's Biore Double Scrub Facial Foam...

Mr Masaki Fujiwara,
President of KAO Malaysia Sdn Bhd,
Is initiating the launch...

Very cool dance performance...
At the launching ceremony...

Speech by Ms Mayumi Moriya,
Senior Manager,
Skin Care Business,
KAO Corporation Japan...

Breakthrough Discovery of Detox Power Cleansing..
Presentation by Mr Shinichi Ikegaki,
R&D Development Research,
Skin Care Products Research,
KAO Corporation Japan..

New Men's Biore Ambassador,
Sharnaaz Ahmad....
The very famous actor,
Whom plays as Afandi,
In the telefilm Ungunya Cinta,
Directed by Micheal Ang.
He is well known,
For his antagonists roles,
And was nominated in several awards,
For his acting talent...
Besides that,
Sharnaaz is a fitness enthusiast,
And he owns a gym named after him...

Mr Masaki Fujiwara,
With the new brand ambassador,
Sharnaaz Ahmad..

Sharnaaz Ahmad..
Whom is recent consumer of Men's Biore,
And Men's Biore Double Scrub Facial foam,
Is his favourite product....

Group photos,
With all the VIPs..

Introducing the new..
Men's Biore Double Scrub Facial Foam Range...

Deep Clean Extra Cool,
Offer refreshing cool sensation,
After every wash;

Deep Clean..
Offers long lasting oil control,
And deeply cleanses the pores;

The Oil Clear,
Contains anti-oxidant properties,
And sebum control function;

The Acne Solution,
As the name suggests,
Is a great solution,
For acne-prone skin.
It contains Tea Tree Extracts,
An antibacterial formulation...

The Bright Clean,
Offers visibly brighter,
And even skin tone,
After every wash..

It is selling at RM8.60 for 50g;
And RM15.70 for 100g..
It is available for sale,
At all major retailers,
Pharmacies, hypermarkets,
And provision shops...

For more infomation on Men's Biore Products,
Kindly visit


Emily said...

I remember many years ago when Biore was just a normal brand. Am glad to see how much they have grown to be a lifestyle brand.

Kenneth Tan said...

Wow I have used other products of Blore, this new one looks good ! Will sure try it again ;)

Jane Chua said...

Men's Biore Double Scrub Facial Foam Range suitable for my husband. Will get 1 for him to try on.

Shet Ling said...

Biore brand is good and reasonable price

Health Tips said...

That's a healthy and interesting product that i tried :)

Isaac Tan said...

used before men biore.. not bad, the double scrub really effective.

Roxy C said...

I'm always looking for this kind of stuff for my honey. Right now, he just uses whatever I'm using at the moment. I'd love to get him that deep cleaning one.

Phyllis said...

I'll be sure to pass this on to my husband, the product junkie! Cool! Thanks!

Leslie said...

Biore has definitely come a long way in the last few years. I've been using them since they've been out. I love the way my skin feels and it doesn't break out my super sensitive skin.

JeeYoung W said...

Amazing, I can't believe how big Biore as gotten!

Shirley Yu 雪俪 said...

The ambassador is a handsome boy omg. Hahaha

Mike Marie Barber said...

Never heard of this brand before butim definitely going to check out the website. Marie

Sharon Lee said...

Another new brand for Men Facial! Congrats on their product launching, will gonna check out this brand for my boyfriend =D

Kays Ways said...

That's cool that Biore is expanding skin care solutions for me. Will have to have babe try it out

Milena said...

I like Biore for myself. I guess I can get it for my husband now too!

Amrita Basu Misra said...

Men's beauty products are a rage.The product looks great.Will check it out for hubby

Leona Lim said...

good to have a macho product then only the men will want to use it right

Amelie Yap said...

My bro favorite's brand haha! Guys should really take good care of their skin tho

Apple Berry said...

Guys really need to tryout as there are so much good reviews about this product. Looks like I know what to get for my cousin bro's birthday gift.

ClaudineImelda said...

My brothers use biore too. I might introduce this to them now :)

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