Thursday, July 14, 2016

JomTaxi Safer Taxi Rides with JomProtect

Jomtaxi Launched the nation's foremost ride-hailing app,
To help passangers get a taxi quicker,
While providing an alternative,
For taxi drivers,
To earn additional income,
More efficiently in March 2016...

It aims to make
The taxi booking environment,
More friendly and exciting...
Ultimately providing an avenue,
For taxi drivers,
To compete with other ride-sharing providers...

Now I can really see....
The future in taxi industry...
Improving their service...
For their passengers,
To enjoy comfortable and convenience ride....

Jomtaxi founders are Mr Valens and Mr George Grama,
Founders and former managers of iCab and Mondo Taxi...
Which is a reputable taxi media owner,
Which has 6,000 taxis signed up..

What makes us choose Jomtaxi..
Instead of other transportation apps:

It's Multilingual,
Cater for English, Mandarin and Malay..

Can choose our preference driver..
Based on profile, picture,
And most importantly,
Feedback from other customers..

Truly convenient,
As we'll know the taxi arrives,
In just a "BUZZ"

Can rate the driver,
At the end of our trip...
And add our favourite drivers,
Or just block drivers that we dislike..

Can always chat or call the driver,
To check if he's on the way,
Besides that,
He can also send message,
If there's any changes in between...

Can call back that particular driver,
In case we left anything inside the taxi..

This is truly important:
Drivers and passengers are protected..
Under TuneProtect,
Which covers accidents, dead, loss
Or damage luggage / belongings...

All the drivers,
Are registered and verified...

Best of all,
Jomtaxi apps are completely absolutely

JomTaxi Apps current features:
Local language & currency,
Choose drivers,
Multiple orders,
Favourite addresses,
In-app Chat,
Buzz alert from Driver,
Order in just 2 taps,
Rate, favourite or block drivers,
Order history,
Tips for drivers,
Call driver functionaly,
Simple and reliable UX..

Future development of
JomTaxi is going to include:
Card payments,
Courier / Delivery services,
Corporate accounts,
Tracking of a loved person,
Push to talk between driver and client,
Social profile integration,
Share a ride,
Loyalty points reward system,
Panic button,
On board TV screen..

Tune Protect has joined forces,
With Jomtaxi,
To introduce JomProtect,
A FREE insurance plan,
Designed to protect passengers,
Thoughout their journey,
Making taxi rides safe....

JomProtect is specially designed by Tune Protect,
A lading digital insurance provider,
That is championing its cause,
To make insurance easier,
More accessible, affordable and relevant to customers;
In line with the values behind the creation of the Jomtaxi app,
That sets out to offer convenience,
Not only to passengers,
But also taxi drivers...

Making a purchase though this app,
Passagers who journey with a taxi,
Will automatically enjoy..
The complimentary insurance coverage,
Valued at up to RM10,000..
Among the list of benefits covered,
Under the JomProtect plan,
Are protection for women,
Against sexual assult and molestation,
Robbery and accidents..
Bereavement allowance,
Is also included under the plan,
And compensation will be given,
To the family of the insured,
In the event of any unfortunate situation,
Which results in a fatality...

I think this apps is truly amazing..
As it take a step further..
To ensure a holistic experience,
For taxi passengers,
The partnership with Tune Protect,
Was formed,
To ensure passengers travel,
With confidence and peace-of-mind,
On every journey,
Even if it was for a short distance...

If you're still unsure,
How's the apps works...
The video will helps you,
To have better understanding..
On Jomtaxi!~

Let's travel with Jomtaxi!~

For more information,


Pamela Yeoh said...

wow something new. thanks for sharing.

Cheryn said...

This is such a good idea cos I heard of a story where a foreigner wanted to take uber to KLIA to catch a flight but cos the uber driver was too new, he ended up taking the wrong road a few times, cos he didn't understand waze that he missed his flight...
This insurance would have covered the flight cost, right?

Unknown said...

Definitely great to see more and more options for transport :)

Unknown said...

Good to know that there are some entrepreneurs who are trying to make this world a safer and better place.

Miera Nadhirah said...

All these are necessities to make our city safer... and while there are some of those taxi drivers out there who just want nothing then to make a killing or cheat people, these comes in handy

FiSh said...

it's good to have better protection while riding a cab :) especially during late nights. love to see such improvement in the transportation aspect

GengQian said...

nice one. With this protection app, now my family and I will have less worries if any of us need to take taxi, especially during night time.

Sharon Lee said...

This is a new and safe approach for those who take cabs! Especially for girls or taking cabs at night.

Amrita said...

This sounds like a great online taxi service.The best part drivers are checked and verified. In India Uber drivers have been booked in different cities with harassment chares. It was later seen that these people had previous records

Isaac Tan said...

jomtaxi? now this is new to me.. hmm

Sunshine Kelly said...

Thanks for the infor, this is new to me. I will check it out sometimes I take taxi to town.

Miriam said...

Another transportation service. Have yet to try them

Shub said...

More the merrier actually! We need more safe and prompt cab services like this.

Leona Lim said...

it's good to have another app to use when other apps are down or too busy, i hope to try this out too later.

Bearhy Hui Ying said... got insurance summore!!!really great apps!!

Fateen Thalhah said...

I didn't know got another taxi service, more benefits than the competitor it seems

Betty's Journey said...

Feel safety when ride on Jomtaxi . I now switch to Jom Taxi after having bad experience taking taxi and Uber.

Rawlins GLAM said...

Another service for our comfort, which is good so that no one dominate the market.

Rawlins GLAM said...

A new service and additional for our comfort. This is good as no one can dominate the market and more choices.

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