Wednesday, November 9, 2016

CEFL - A Hero's Journey

After deep consideration....
We'd finally make up our mind...
To be a part of CEFL's Hero Journey!~

Let me tell you,
More about CEFL now:

Cambridge English For Life (CEFL), 
An English Language Teaching Centre,
Launches its inaugural English Adventure Camp,
To bring out the hero in every child.

CEFL English Adventure Camp,
Is designed to inspire confidence though adventure...

Instilling 3 key learning outcomes:
Practical use and development of
English communication skills...

Learning how to work in a team,
Being a responsible leader,
And overcoming challenges together..

Life Skills:
Becoming a certified hero,
At the end of the adventure -
Confident, motivated, creative,
Independent and resilient..

Watch the video,
For better understanding of...
CEFL English Adventure Camp..

Look at the 5 stages of the Hero's Journey...
The main objective of this camp is,
To motivate and to inspire!~

The camp is specially designed,
With programme suitable for students,
From 8-14 years old...

Is my boy too young to go for a camp?

As a mother,
Kids will always be kids,
No matter how old they grow up to...

First consideration:
CEFL offers safe and secure campsite..
Second consideration:
CEFL have first-aid trained camp facilitators,
With registered nurse on-site...

Sounds good enough,
But parents will still be parents...
We're will still worry,
No matter what.....

Can my boy sleep well in the double-decker bed?
Will my picky-eater like the food they provide?
Will he listen and obey to the camp facilitators' instructions and stay safe?

Until I read an article,
Written by Jenn Fishkind,
American camp mom and blogger...

She quoted:
-This is an incredible gift,
That they may not realize they have been given,
Until they are much older...

-Camp made me a strong, independent person,
Who wasn't afraid to try new things...
And camp has done the same thing for him (her son)//

-Camp is the opportunity,
To try things out of your box,
And out of your comfort zone..

- Mummy can have 'vacation'
And let the kids be more independent..
And this camp,
Pretty suite us,
At this point of time...

The truth is,
Children really should go to a camp,
At least once in their life...
Life skills that they'd learn in the camp,
Is something me as a mother,
Won't be able to give him,
If he was to stick with me 24-hour all day...

In short,
CEFL English Adventure Camp,
Is the best choice of sleepaway camp,
That is great for children,
And even greater for parents...

CEFL English Adventure Camp:
Date: 10-14 December 2016
Venue: Lembah Azwen Resort, Hulu Langat..

Don't wait...
Answer the call of the wild NOW!!!
And find out more from:

Don't forget to quote my code: 
For a special rate and referral discount!
See you there!~


Shet Ling said...

The camps looks so fun , wish to send my kids there too

Bee Lee said...

I don't have a kid yet, but yes, I understand it coz I have younger siblings to look out for and the worry is there. Brave mom to learn to let go and brave kid to say yes to the camp. Seems pretty beneficial for the kids! ^^

allisoncbl said...

This looks like a fun activity for family. Thanks for the info!

Betty's Journey said...

The adventure camp look fun and it encourage the children to be independent.

Emily said...

Your child is so lucky to be able to attend camp. I never had the chance when I was growing up!

Fadzi Razak said...

This look like a very fun and exciting camp. I would definitely send my boy here if he already meet the age requirement

Isaac Tan said...

fun camp indeed. The kids love it i suppose

Shub said...

Looks like a fun learning camp. It is great to attend such camps to learn ropes of the language.

Anonymous said...

can't agree with you more. i still vividly remember the details i have experienced in camp - but hard to recall what happened in school. lol!

Sharon Lee said...

I miss camp! This camp definitely a great platform for kids to explore and learn more fun activities with friend =D

Shiv B said...

Looks like the camp was a fun experience - the children would really love going for it. Cheer to the share!

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