Monday, May 29, 2017

Anmum Materna Journeys for Mother's Day

 Anmum Materna,
Joins forces with Riding Pink,
To support amazing mums,
This Mother's Day,
By giving them a hand,
While performing everyday taks,
Via an extraordinary experience...

From 8-31 May 2017,
First 25 pregnant mums,
Who sign up Riding Pink,
Will receive a FREE extraordinary ride,
From Anmum Materna...

The next 100 mums will enjoy RM5 off their ride..
While enjoying their ride,
A Mummy Survival Kit packed with..
Useful mum-friendly products,
And Mother's Day music selection..

Riding pink,
Malaysia's first eer women's only transportation platform,
Was founded as a way for women and mums,
To support each other,
While earning additional income,
Through a safe, female-friendly transportation service...

Celebrate extraoridnary feat of pregnancy,
With Anmum Materna and Riding Pink,
To redeem free rides and discounted rides,
In addition to exclusive gift pack,
By writing to
To learn more about these extraordinary experiences!


Ivianat said...

Such great initiative campaign to commemorate mother's! Nice one.

Bee Lee said...

This is a wonderful gift for mommies ! Wonder what activity they'll be doing next year? :)

Anonymous said...

The purple colour car is really eye catching and what anmum is doing is really good

Grace Myu said...

Such a thoughtful campaign for new mothers! Looking forward to see more campaigns for mothers 💕

yanrula said...

This is so nice! Too bad I'm not a mum yet hahaha

cindyrina said...

So nice! Anmum is always a good brand for great nutrition.

Mama Ee said...

Wow, good for pregnant mom.
Thanks Anmum for the caring of women.

Tengkubutang said...

I drink this while I was pregnant last year

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