Sunday, May 21, 2017

DC Super Hero Girls action dolls

DC Super Hero Girls,
Is an American super hero action figure franchise,
Created by DC Comics
(A subsidiary of Time Warner)
And Mattel...

DC super Hero Power Girls centers,
On the female Super Heroes and Super-Villians,
of DC Comics universe,
During their formative years,
Prior to discovering their full super power potential...

Featuring completely new, artistic style and aesthetic...
DC Comics' icons:
Wonder Woman, Supergirl,
Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumble Bee,
Poison Ivy, Katana and many more...
To empower girls,
To discover their true potential....

Little princess currently owns..
These 3 DC Super Hero Girls action dolls
Wonder Woman,
Supergirl and Batgirl...

Wonder Woman,
Is the leader of the team...
She's an Amazonian Princess,
Who is super courageous,
Competitive, Super driven and determined...
With lack of 'Street Smarts'

The figurine comes together with..
A Super Hero High School Student ID card...
Really love her blueish black hair...
And how easy she can be dressed,
Wonder Woman's super stylish red boots...

Wonder Woman's Full Profile:
The Island paradise of Theyscrira

A true leader who is courageous, competent and competitive

Super Accesssories: 
A Lasso of truth that can make anyone tell the truth;
Bullet deflecting bracelets,
A projectile firing shield

Best Super Friends: 
Batgirl, Supergirl

Favourite Class: 
Advanced Heroism

Wonder Woman's abilities,
Super strength,
Flight, Nearly invincible,
Lasso of truth,
Bullet-Deflecting bracelets...

All these abilities,
Makes her a leader...
Of the DC Super Hero Girls...

Watch the video on..
How she does the unboxing....
Of the Wonder woman action doll...

My little super princess,
With her Supergirl action doll...
She share the same attribute as Supergirl:
The Naive One..

DC Super Hero Girls - Supergirl Characteristics:
She's sweet,
Genuinely nice and positive,
Unsure how to handle herself on Earth...

It comes together with,
Super Hero High School identity card as well..
She loves it,
When she can bend the figurine's hands and legs...

Supergirl's Full Profile:

The Planet Krypton

Supergirl is fun, optimistic,
Resillient and more than just a little naive.

Super Accessories:
Supergirl never goes anywhere without her cape

Best Super Friends
Batgirl, Wonder Woman

Favourite Class:
Adjusting to earth for aliens..

Last but not least,
It's Batgirl...
The Techno Wizard...

Batgirl is cool and reserved,
She's crazily smart, exceptional and complicated...

Batgirl's Full Profile:

Gotham City

Batgirl is smart, focused,
And relentlessly encouraging to her friends

Super Accessories:
A utility belt equipped with various tools,
Crime fighting gadgets

Best Super Friends:
Wonder Woman

Favourite Class:

She's a computer genius,
Expert martial artist,
Gymnast, Detective,
Photographic memory...
Someone little princess would like to be...

Let's watch the video on...
Sweet little princess unboxing the action dolls...

Supergirl's ability:
With super strength, flight,
Super hearing,
X-ray vision and heat vision..

Supergirl vs. Batgirl...
Who do you prefer?

Why choose when you can have it ALL?
The dolls are really cool..
As they can stand on their own,
Really Super Hero on the go!~
Little princess wishes to have 3 more..
To complete her collection of...
DC Super Hero Girls Action Dolls:
Wonder Woman - The Leader
Supergirl - The Naive Girl
Batgirl - The Tecnowizard
Bumble Bee - The Social Butterfly
Harley Quinn - The Class Clown
Poison Ivy - The Garden Variety Misfit
Katana - The Edgy Artist

Watch this video of Dynas Makhtar,
With her daughter Khyra...
In DC Super Hero Girls action!~

Good news: 
Chances to win..
One of 3x DC Super Hero Girls Action Playset,
By Mattel worth RM229.90 each!

Here's what you should do:
Step 1: Dress up as your favourite DC Super Hero Girls character,
Step 2: Snap a photo of you in your most heroic pose
Step 3: Post your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #DCSuperHeroGirlsMY
*Please ensure that your instagram account is set to "public"

Closing date of the contest is 20 June 2017

Official website:
Official YouTube channel:
Official Facebook page: 
Official Instagram Page:
Other source:


Unknown said...

Such gorgeous dolls! Great to inspire little girls of this generation to be strong and independent 😊

Unknown said...

I have loved superheroes since forever, so I may have to buy these for myself and for my kid cousin. I want to influence her. Lol.

Rawlins GLAM said...

I watch this show when I have the time - but now I can just watch it online too. All the best to those who join the contest.

Emily said...

Such cute dolls but your daughter's costumes are cuter. I'm too old to play with them but still wished I owned them!

Bekki@ABetterWaytoHOmeschool said...

If I had a daughter, she would have loved all of these too. But, alas, I have five sons instead.
We are big superhero buffs here at our home!

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