Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fonterra Unites Malaysia - New Zealand

Fonterra unites Malaysia and New Zealand Flavours,
To celebrate 60 years of friendship..

Roti Jala With New Zealand Lamb Tandoori...
To showcase the iconic flavours of both countries...

Welcome address by..
Mr Jose Miguel Porraz Lando,
Managing Director,
Fonterra Brands Malaysia..

Speech by H.E. Dr John Subitzky,
New Zealand High Commissioner to Malaysia..

By Anchor Food Professionals Chefs..

New Zealand High Commissioner,
Successful attempt to make Roti Jala!
Tradisional pancake,
By filing and rolling it,
With tandoori-spiced New Zealand lamb..
Which had been marinated with,
Anlene plan yoghurt to retain its juiciness..
Delicious one, indeed!

MD of Fonterra,
Rolling the pancake,
With tandoori-spiced lamb..

The dishes are made with ingredients,
From New Zealand and Malaysia,
As well as Anchor and Anlene Products!


Alex O' Connor said...

That was a good highlights of the event. Glad you could make it to the event. I hope you loved it out there

Sreekar Harinatha said...

Seems that it definitely needs a check out, to say the least!

MissJasJas The Blogger said...

That's great event though! Too bad I couldn't attend :(

Ashleyang said...

Seem like super fun

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