Monday, April 30, 2018

Fisher Price Learning Revolutionised

Education toy-maker,
Fisher Price,
Has been at the forefront of developments in toys,
Since the company was formed in 1930.

While the team of adults,
Have proven to be wholly committed,
To developing toys,
That are safe, durable and high-quality!~
There's no better way,
To ensure those toys,
Will be fun,
Than to ask the children!!!

This is where Fisher-Price's Play Lab comes in!

The Play Lab,
Research facility,
Puts observation research at the centre,
of its design strategy.

Over the years,
It has seen more than 127,000 babies,
And pre-school children,
And 1,700 parents through toy trials...

Welcome note by Ms Shu Ting,
Head of Infant Preschool,
Mattel Southeast Asia...

Dialogue Session,
With Dr Deborah Weber,
Director of Early Childhood Development,

Product Demonstration..
Dr Weber highlighted the growing importance of..
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) method,
In today's early childhood development.
The STEM method,
Puts an emphasis in active and systematic thinking -
Sharpening critical thinking,
And problem solving skills.
It plays a large role,
In preparing children,
To build globally competitive characters,
Ready to take a wide range of technical and creative careers in future!

For more information,
Check out Fisher-Price's Facebook!

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