Monday, June 4, 2018

Guardian - Derma365

Guardian launches Derma365,
365 days of care for your skin..
Derma365 is developed by Baxter laboratories,
And is made in Australia!~
Derma365 relies on the combines power of nature and science,
With Sensium 2,
Multi-benefit complex,
That helps to soothe and protect sensitive and dry skin.

Derma365 Gentle Cleanser and Gentle Lotion,
For all skin types...
Combine organic Colloidal Oatmeal and Trimethylglycine,
That helps to promote skin's protection barrier,
And protects from harsh external environment..

Speech by,
Antoinette Lasjunies,
Head of Personal Care,
Own Brand, Health & Beauty,
Dairy Farm Group..

Hands-on experiment session,
With Michelle Yeap...
Product Manager,
Group Health & Private Label,
Guardian Malaysia.

Enjoying the mini experiment..
From comparing Derma365's texture,
And its neutral 6.0 pH value,
With other brands...

All Derma365 products,
Are formulated to be gentle to skin,
And the formulation are free from soap,
colourant, fragrance, MIT,
Parabens, lanolin,
Animal derived ingredients,
Mineral oils, SLS and SLES.

Priced at RM48.90 for 500ml,
For Derma365 Gentle Cleanser;
Priced at RM34.90 for 200ml,
For Derma365 Gentle Lotion;
Are available exclusively at Guardian..

For more information,
Kindly visit


Emily said...

Ah, great news that it's easily available at Guardian. I am regular shopper there and can look out for Derma365 on my next visit.

Unknown said...

i dah guna dah sabun ni, walaupun mahal sket tapi kualitinya bagus. sesuai untuk kulit sensitif tau

mama tisya said...

Pernah dgr produk derma tapi belum pernah mencuba. .nanti boleh singgah guardian utk tgk promo products ni .Tq for sharing

sitirohaida said...

perasan jugak masa masuk guardian hari tu,tapi tak tau pulak produk ni bagus.Nanti nak survey lagi kat guardian..thanks info

yaya_flanella said...

Tak pernah cuba lagi produk Derma ni. Lepas ni nak carilah kat Guardian. Nampak macam sesuai untuk kulit sensitif

khai artzfar said...

i think this product really good! especially for those yang ada masalah kulit sensitif. really worth it to try

iam.umifuzy said...

saw the product in Guardian during my last visit, hesitate to try coz not seen any review but perhaps can buy and try on skin..

Mahamahu said...

Kita tak pernah dengar pasal produk ini tapi nampak bagus dan menjalani kajian yang teliti serta kualiti yang baik. Mana tahu kita akan gunakannya...

Zayani Zulkiffli said...

I suka event yang dia tunjuk lab test depan mata macam ni. Boleh meyakinkan kita daripada cakap safe and ph test, tapi tak ada any bukti.

Suria Amanda said...

Eh i ada aampak product ni di x tgok plak sebab cari product lain..worth to try kalau ada masalah kulit kan..harga pun x mahal sangat..

Tengkubutang said...

TB belum pernah guna lagi product ni.. tapi tengok pada review pengguna yang pernah beli ni nampak menarik dan bagus je produk ni.. will buy next time .. hehehe

Zharif Azis said...

The products look very promising. I bet they offer such a good treatment to the skin. Definitely going to try their products. Plus it is affordable

Emi said...

I see. So this Derma365 is one of guardian's product is it? It looks interesting. Gonna check it out later

Abby Onety said...

Sabun ini bagus ke? Banyak tuh testimoni dri teman teman yang sudah pakai. Kayaknya bagus ya? Penasaran pengen nyoba produknya nih

Betty's Journey said...

The derma 365 products is good and is safe to use on the skin. I like the lotion as it not sticky. and is tester free from chemical. Worth to invest in Derma365.

Hanny Abdullh said...

Tak pernah lagi cuba dis produk. Macam2 produk swkarang sampai tak tahu mana satu nak cuba..
Since you cakP bagus so nak try untuk gunakN pada anak yg ada prob kulit sensitif

Alia Farhan said...

Nver heard bout this product...maybe i can take a look at this products

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