Tuesday, June 12, 2018

BIG Deals by Air Asia Big Loyalty & Fave

Opening address by Joel Neoh,
Founder of Fave..

The launch of BIG Deals,
By Air Asia Big Loyalty & Fave..
Joel Neoh together with,
Sereen Teoh,
Acting CEO of AirAsia Big Loyaty

BIG Members will now,
Be able to receive double t he rewards,
Earning BIG Points and redeeming their favourite everydays deals,
Using BIG Points,
While enjoying saving up to 95% off,
On the best travel and lifestyle deals by Fave..

 BIG Deals by Fave,
Allows over 3.6 million BIG Members in Malaysia,
To earn 1 BIG Point for every RM1 spent,
On lifestyle vouchers everyday.

They can also utilise their BIG POints,
To redeem BIG Deals vouchers,
From food, beauty, and activities,
To automobile services,
Travel and fitness,
With popular brands like A&W,
Healthland, Forever 21,
Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur,
Kenny Roger Roasters,
And more offering discounts of up to 95%
At over 3,700 outlets...

Product Presentation by..
Victor Kaw,
CCO of AirAsia BIG Loyalty

Both BIG Loyalty and Fave apps,
Are available on Google Play and the App Store!


5 Little Angels said...

Great to hear that. I always bought my vouchers thru Fav and now, I could start to collect my Big Points. Yeah...

Betty's Journey said...

Congrats to Fave for collaboration with Big Pay. We can enjoy buying with Fave and at the same time earn some big loyalty points to exchange for free flight tickets. I so happy when see Fave tie up with Airasia as I love spend on both website.

Mouse Mommy Treats said...

Big Deals by Fave really beneficial to all AirAsia Big members! I am just using my AirAsia Big points to redeem a 2D1N hotel stay too.

apekinahdotcom said...

Menarik juga apps ni ye. Macam-macam benefit yang boleh kita dapat. Bolehlah cuba install nanti

Sebrinah Yeo said...

Nice collaboration with a budget airline and an affordable deals platform!

Lia Hasty said...

I'm always fly with Air Asia & collect point. But never redeem yet the point. Need to travel a lot to increase my point and redeem for my next far trip.

De Alif said...

Wow!!! Reward, voucher, big points... ;) cool... this will definitely became one of the WOW factor in order to choose the best air carrier for our travel plan... keep up the good work Air Asia...

Sunshine Kelly said...

I have linked my Fave act to my AA BIG loyalty account. Hope i can redeem my flights faster.

Ruby said...

Wow, fave tu Groupon kan. Memang best la kolabrasi dengan air asia. More rewards, more voucher. More variety utk redeem la kan. Hehe. Nanti nak cek big loyalty. Kot kot kot bleh redeem ke sesuatu. Hehe

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