Tuesday, November 13, 2018

People and People Japanese Cuisine Artistry (pnp)

Luxury Japenese dining,
With the finest authentic Japanese cuisine,
Together with vibrant and lovely performances...
At People and People Japanese Cuisine Artistry (pnp)

Love the presentation of the food...

So delicate and beautiful...
With heavenly combination of flavours..

Take Sashimi 5 Shu (5 types of Fresh Raw Fish)
Freshest of all..
The thickness of the sashimi is just nice..
Melts in mouth..
Seriously really yummy!

Ikebana (Art of flower arrangement)
It more than just food...
It's art!!!

Kani Chawanmushi
Very smooth egg custard,
Topped with generous portion of crab meat...

Sushi-grade fresh fish air-flown,
Twice weekly from Japan...

Tokujyo Nigiri-Sushi 10 Shu
Special hand-made sushi...
Perfect combination of freshness and delicious!

Salmon Aburi Maki
Salmon rolled filled with avocado and crabstick!
Simply a taste from heaven!

Karai Kasen Udon
Fresh and huge prawn,
Crabstick and salmon...
With a little spiciness!

Ice cream and mochi...
Gives a perfect end of Japanese Meal..
Refreshing and delicious!

Oiran Douchuu...
Oiran displays costumes,
From the Edo era -
A gorgeous, luxurious and vibrant fashio show,
From a bygone era...

In the past,
The highest class of Geisha - Oiran,
Would wear wooden clogs,
With a height of 15cm
To send off their customers..
Oiran was an ideal that many women yearned for back then..

The hair style and the high wooden clogs,
Bring out a sense of lavishness..
An Oiran should possess,
Skills and knowledge of various arts,
Such as Japanese classical songs, poems,
Art of tea, Ancient musical instruments etc..
An education in arts, politics and history,
Was also a must..
Some Oiran also spoke foreign languages...

A big belt is also a unique feature of the Oiran's costume...

Japanese sword fight dance...

Live performances:
Every Friday and Saturday,
Available at 2 sessions:
7pm and 9pm

People and People Japanese Cuisine Artistry (pnp)
Ground Floor,
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel,
Jalan Sultan Ismail, Chow Kit,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
pnp's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pnpjapanesecuisineartistry/

For reservations,
Please call 03-7890 3168
Or book online at http://pnpcuisine.com/landing


Julia Mahir said...

Your post makes me miss Japan so much! I am so in love with Japan culture and the people are so nice!

Qeela said...

waa so nice got the chance to try lots of Japanese cuisine there! I love sushi, mochi and all its all yummy! Looking at those pics definitely makes me drooling, seems great there! 😃

cindyrina said...

It is a good experience to learn others culture. Japan is totally good in presenting beautiful plating for their food. They put so much efforts and details in everything.

Fadzi Razak said...

I like the presentation of the food. They are really nicely and neatly presented. I bet the taste would be very nice

Mahamahu said...

I actually went to a Japanese restaurant or a Japanese restaurant that was scared to see that their food seemed small but the price was good. Only art in their cuisine is very good to learn ..

Bella Jamal said...

Love Japanese curry! Long time never had Japanese Food except sushi lah. Dah nampak hidangan tu terus rasa nak makan esok. Seronok juga sambil makan dapat tengok persembahan budaya Jepun.

Nina Mirza said...

Nina tak berapa makan sushi cuma nampak ada pelbagai lagi menu Jepun yang menarik! Apa pun sentuhan food dari Shereton Imperial Hotel KL tak pernah mengecewakan. Servis pun bagus. Mungkin Nina kena cuba satu hari, manalah tau nanti Nina jatuh cinta dengan Japanese Food lak nanti

Zharif Azis said...

Japanese food is my feveret. I love them all. Especially the bulat2 orange colour, i dont know what that is but i always call it telur ikan 😆 hahaha. Cant wait to try the menus

Qaseh Dalia said...

Suka tengok style makanan jepun , tapi risau tak kenyang haha , sebab portion dia kecik-kecik , tapi sushi sedap :p

mrschantek.blogspot.com said...

Best kan dapat tengok diorg punya cukture. Tapi makanan jepun kurang sesuai plak dengn tekak sy kecuali tempura..

Syafiera Yamin said...

japan when it comes to food never fail ! I love the raw salmon... and the art pun sangat awesome.. rasa macam nak fly ke sana next year sebab tiket tengah dapat offer kan..

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

Makanan dan budaya jepun mmg unik dan menarik. Teringin i nak pegi jepun lepas i baca entri dr blog u kylie heheh

nikkhazami said...

not only you can eat japanese food, but you can wear like them took. this is great

Bebelan Cik Min said...

I paling suka makanan jepun. Tengok entry u ni terus rasa terliur hahaha..I tak pernah pergi Jepun lagi so artikel u ni leh jadi rujukan tentang masyarakat n makanan Jepun. Thanks

JMR said...

as a japanese food fan, teruja giler tgk japanese food di post ni. definitely will give a try for this restaurant

Tengkubutang said...

Wahh..ada macam2 makanan jepun.. Take Sashimi 5 Shu tu macam mana rasanya TB teringin nak tahu.. dah lama dengar nama makanan tu..


First time tgk Japanese culture and their food,biasa tgk and eat Korean food jer

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