Tuesday, August 1, 2023

BZU BZU’s Little Lady - A Conscious Skincare Formulation Designed for little Girls

BZU BZU, the leading family care brand in Malaysia,
launched its Little Lady skincare range in partnership with Watsons Malaysia.
The skincare range consists of Facial Cleansing Mousse,
Facial Cream, and Body Lotion
- a formulation crafted to produce flawless and glowing skin.
Designed for little girls 4 years and above,
the latest skincare is a safe formulation
equipped with natural ingredients
and dermatologist-tested,
proven to be gentle to the skin.

Serving as a solution to all skincare needs

and aiming to impart healthy skincare habits from young,

BZU BZU’s Little Lady skincare range empowers every little girl

to take that next step forward,

to grow and glow. 

The BZU BZU Little Lady Launch

was officiated by the CEO of BZU BZU, ​​Mr. Raphael Jiang.

He said, “the BZU BZU Little Lady skincare range

is a great milestone we have achieved

as it caters to a very unique age group.

Most of the time we see children skincare products for those at an older age,

we wanted to offer conscious skincare solutions that are accessible for little ladies.

Crafted from the selected, finest and effective natural ingredients,

the Little Lady range aims to nurture our little ladies well

and ensure that they are safe from harm.

The detailed quality control process ensures that

the final product is up to mark

and parents get nothing but the best products

that are delicate, safe, and natural for their children.  

We would like to thank Watsons Malaysia

for a successful and smooth collaboration

in light of our latest product addition and launch.

This partnership brings together what was once a vision to now a reality.

With the BZU BZU Little Lady skincare range

made available at Watsons Malaysia,

and with attractive deals on offer,

we believe we can bring it forward by reaching a much wider audience.”

​​Ms Caryn Loh,

Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia said,

"As Watsons is expanding its product selections to cater for everyone,

this presents an excellent opportunity for Watsons and BZU BZU

to build an exclusive partnership with an extensive range of products

offered to our customers.

Watsons aims to cater to the needs of Malaysians of all ages

by providing a greater choice of product options,

catering to every age group with BZU BZU's Little Lady skincare range”.

At the launch event,

BZU BZU hosted a fashion show competition

for little girls to flaunt their talents.

The fashion show showcased stunning contestants

dressed in mermaid costumes,

graciously walking down the runway to win the competition.

The top 5 contestants that made it to the top are

Teh Yih Han, Aurelia, Somi, Nik Ufaira Maureen, and Olivia

taking home a Trophy and Little Lady Hampers each.

The rest of the participants were gifted with Medals

and Little Lady Hampers as a sweet gesture for their effort and participation. 

Little Lady Facial Cleansing Mousse  (100 ml)  

Formulated with Prebiotics, the Facial Cleansing Mousse is a 100% Natural Cleansing Agent that promotes healthier skin and restores the skin's natural barrier. It is enriched with Vitamin B Complex that is derived from Japanese Rice Bran to help soothe skin and contains added Sugar Complex that leaves skin softer and smoother, protecting the skin from dehydration. All in all, a gentle and rich foam that serves to effectively remove dirt and sebum to prevent pimples. 

Little Lady Facial Cream (50 ml)  

The Facial Cream, formulated with 95% natural and plant based ingredients is rich, creamy and non-greasy. It restores skin moisture and soothes dryness with natural moisturisers and consists of no harsh chemicals such as Talc, Paraben, Silicone, Asbestos and Formaldehyde. Packed with Prebiotics and Sugar Complex alongside other enriching ingredients, this formula helps hydrate, protect and rejuvenate skin. 

Little Lady Body Lotion (120 ml) 

The Body Lotion suitable for daily use is equipped with Prebiotics, Vitamin B, Shea Butter and Hydrolyzed Milk Protein. It is a lightweight and non oily formula that has a mild cooling sensation to relieve skin discomfort. With much emphasis on producing best results and several stages of research and development, the lotion is formulated to strengthen skin's microbiome and improves skin's health, enhances skin's texture and promotes healthy even-toned skin, is rich in Vitamins A and E that moisturises, softens, and protects skin, improves skin's elasticity and reduces inflammation. 

For more information on the Little Lady skincare range,

visit: https://bzubzu.my/

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