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Secret Recipe x Mira Filzah - BurgerMira & The Entree Collection

Get ready for a fashionable gastronomical affair 
like no other as Malaysia’s leading homegrown lifestyle café chain, 
Secret Recipe collaborates with Malaysia’s ultimate ‘girl next door’ 
or now more fondly known as 
Secret Recipe’s very own brand ambassador, 
Mira Filzah to unveil their hottest selection this quarter.

Introducing BurgerMira
Secret Recipe’s newest seasonal menu item 
birthed from this iconic collaboration 
that also inspired Mira’s latest exquisite scarf collection – 
Mira Filzah x Secret Recipe – The Entrée Collection.
To constantly keep things fresh and interesting in Secret Recipe, 
fans can now try out one of Mira’s favourites, 
the BurgerMira

With five choices to choose from in either chicken or beef, 
these burgers have been carefully curated to be scrumptiously delectable.
With a twist of local flavours added into the mix, 
these palate-pleasing burgers are just the sort of comfort food 
that will not only fill your tummies with warmth but offer a hint of nostalgia as well.

First up is the Special Kerabu Burger 
that comes served in either chicken or beef. 
This beauty is layered with Japanese cucumber, 
red onions and coriander leaves atop a bed of 
either crunchy golden fried chicken 
or succulent juicy double beef patties 
and cheddar cheese in between. 
Complete with a generous spread of kantan chilli sauce, 

it offers the perfect balance of sweetness and aromatic taste in every bite.
the Sambal Meletop Burger on the other hand 
comes with crunchy golden fried chicken 
layered with Japanese cucumber, red onions 
and Secret Recipe’s signature Sambal Meletop sauce 
that is sure to bring an irresistible explosion of flavours and fiery heat.

The last item on the menu is the Zesty Herb Burger 
which comes in either a choice of crunchy golden fried chicken 
or a stack of succulent beef patties 
layered between double cheddar cheese. 
It is topped with romaine lettuce, red cabbage, 
red onion and a special house-made herb sauce 
that is refreshingly zesty and tangy.
Served with a side of crispy golden fries, 
these burgers can be washed down 
with two refreshingly thirst-quenching drinks – 
Lychee Pepsi or Wild Mint Pepsi. 
Don’t forget to pair it with 
two of Secret Recipe’s bestselling sides – 
the Spicy Tomato Drumette or the Classic Drumette 
which both come in a set of three pieces.

“We are excited to unveil our new seasonal menu item 
that offers timeless delectable flavours 
that not only showcase Malaysia’s culinary traditions 
but are also flavours well-loved by Malaysians. 
Collaborating on this with Malaysia’s well-adored icon Mira Filzah 
is a harmonious partnership that holds a special place in our hearts 
as thanks to her, 
we are able to weave together a story of flavour and flair, 
with our burgers and her exquisite scarf collection.
“At Secret Recipe, 
we have continuously strived to push boundaries 
and offer our customers something different like this, 
a fusion of food and fashion that indulges 
not just the palates of our loyal customers 
but also an inspiration for all the fashionistas out there,” 
said Evelyn Lee, 
Head of Marketing of Secret Recipe.

Mira Filzah x Secret Recipe - The Entrée Collection
For the first time ever, Mira, 
who is also a model and entrepreneur, 
drew inspiration from the collaboration with Secret Recipe 
to give fans a collection inspired by the ingredients 
and spices commonly used in food. 
Similar to how these ingredients give dishes a burst of flavour, 
these scarves have been specially designed to do the same.
With six different colours to choose from, 
fans will be able to pick their favourite – 
Garlic, Ginger Flower, Candlenut, Chili, 
Butterfly Pea and Black Pepper. 
The scarves are made with top quality Satin Florencia 
and measure 115cm X 115cm.
This limited-edition collection 
will be available for purchase only at 

Fans will receive their scarves beautifully packaged in a box 
stamped with Mira Filzah and Secret Recipe’s logos.
From August 4 until September 17, 
customers will stand to receive RM10 off any purchase 
at Mira Filzah’s website with the code MIRABELANJALAGI.
Secret Recipe customers will also receive a 10% discount 
with a minimum spend of RM45 
from August 4 until September 3 
with the code SRXMIRA when ordering via SR GO! 
Pick Up in the Secret Recipe MY app or website.

For more details,

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