Tuesday, August 8, 2023

PointStar and Google Cloud Showcase Cloud and AI Transformation for Business Productivity

The highly-anticipated Google Cloud Day 2023 
organised by PointStar, 
a leader in cloud transformation and digital solutions, 
was held at Grand Hyatt Hotel.
The event showcased Google Cloud’s enterprise-grade AI and data solutions 
for driving business transformation 
and provided insights into use cases for enhanced productivity.

In collaboration with Google Cloud, 
the full-day event featured an array of engaging activities, 
including keynotes, breakout sessions, 
live solution showcases, and networking opportunities. 
The event also marked the launch of 
the Digital Acceleration for Learning and Industry Adoption (DALIA) 
- A Step-Up Productivity Programme, 
in partnership with the Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPC), 
a government agency under the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Industry (MITI).

Justin Lee, Chief Executive Officer of PointStar said, 
"​​We are thrilled to present Google Cloud Day 2023, 
an event that showcased innovation in AI and data solutions 
with a future-driven outlook on its practical applications 
for organisations of any kind. 
This event is not just about technology; 
it's about empowering businesses to drive transformation 
and embrace innovation to be future-ready and for unparalleled growth.”

Google Cloud Day 2023 
was attended by more than 200 participants. 
The event emphasised how advanced data analytics, 
modern cloud-based applications, 
and artificial intelligence (AI) can be integrated 
into workflows to solve critical business challenges. 
Esteemed industry leaders, 
including Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation (SDEC), 
PIKOM, TNB, Logitech, Samsung, Kissflow, and JumpCloud 
participated in sessions discussing topics 
such as the transformative potential of no-code tools and the future of work.

Patrick Wee, Country Manager, Malaysia, Google Cloud, said, 
“The democratisation of software creation 
is gaining ground within organisations, and by 2024, 
more than 65% of applications will be developed 
using low- or no-code tools. 
In partnership with PointStar, 
Google Cloud is committed to making application creation 
accessible to users of all skill levels with tools 
like Duet AI for AppSheet
which can help organisations free up resources 
and expertise to be reallocated toward other high-impact tasks and projects.”
Google Cloud Day 2023 aligned seamlessly 
with MPC’s Malaysia Productivity Blueprint, 
which aims to build a future-ready workforce 
and drive digitalisation for enhanced productivity. 
PointStar collaborated with MPC 
to boost the ongoing DALIA programme, 
serving as the digital solutions consultant
 to facilitate the development of applications 
to address organisations’ workflow and productivity challenges 
using AppSheet, Google’s no-code development platform. 

Zahid Ismail, Deputy Director General of MPC stated, 
“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to PointStar 
for their invaluable collaboration with us for the DALIA programme. 
This partnership exemplifies the significance of fostering strong ties 
between the private and public sectors, 
as it brings to light the immense value of knowledge exchange 
and shared expertise. 
Google Cloud Day 2023 is a great illustration of 
the transformative power of technology in fostering growth
and productivity for our nation.”

Harnessing the advanced tools and ecosystems 
developed by Google Cloud and PointStar, 
MPC aims to enhance productivity in companies across various sectors. 
The DALIA programme anticipates 
more than 100 participating companies in 2023, 
laying the foundation for more impactful 
solutions-focused initiatives in the future. 
The programme is open to all SSM-registered companies in Malaysia. 
For more information about Google Cloud Day 2023, 
please visit the website: https://www.pointstar.com.my/google-cloud-day-2023/. F
ind out more about the DALIA programme 
on this website: https://www.pointstar.com.my/mpc-workshop/

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