Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kleenex® Wipes - World Hand Hygiene Day

I really don't mean to frighten you......
I'd like to share with you some proven facts:

Germs are invisible to human eye,
But exist everywhere,
Not just on toilet seats and dustbins.......
Germs can be found in these places, too:
TV Remotes, Telephones, Buttons, Shopping Trolleys,
Escalators, Computer Keyboards, Money~~~~~~~

Of course,
We can always choose to wash our hands,
Again and again and again.......
I personally unable to bring the sink,
Everywhere I go.....
Can you?

I don't feels like hiding in the bath tub,
For the whole day, too!~~~~~
I made a wise choice:
By using Kleenex® Sanitizing Moist Wipes,
To Outsmart Sneaky Germs Everyday!~

Kleenex® Sanitizing Moist Wipes,
Fits perfectly in my car...
I can bring it everywhere I go!~
I can use it anytime I need it!~

Having a convenient,
ready-to-use solution within reach,
Is the key,
To keeping our hands clean.....

It fits perfectly well in our bags, too!
Doesn't matter if it's my school bag,
Or my mei mei's toy's bag,
Or my di di's diaper bag,
Or my mummy's hand bag...
Or our travel bag.....
We can just find a suitable place,
To stash it in......
To keep our hands -
Clean while on-the-go!

Kleenex® Sanitizing Moist Wipe,
Not just suitable to clean our hands only.....
It is actually the best helper,
During my di di's diaper change......

It is so soft and delicate....
Perfectly suitable for baby's skin~~~
Adults can use it,
Children can surely use it....
Even babies also can use it, too...
To kill 99.9% of the germs around!

We proudly celebrating World Hand Hygiene Day,
(World Health Organization -WHO has been observing
May 5 as World Hand Hygiene Day Since 2009)
Together with Kleenex®!~

As a super active kid,
I love to hang around in playground....

And lots of outdoor activities.......

Anytime, anywhere.......
I can have my hands clean with no trouble at all....
Just because I bring,
Kleenex® Sanitizing Moist Wipe,
Every where I go........

I don't only involve in outdoor activities~~~~~
I love cooking, too!~
It's not easy to become a 'chef',
As I have to make sure everything I cook is clean enough!~

Kleenex® Sanitizing Moist Wipe,
Is just what I need...
To keep my hands clean ALL THE TIME!~

I simply enjoyed my painting time,
Together with my dearest mummy!~

We don't only paint with the paint brush...
Sometimes we use our hands and fingers as 'paintbrush'....
An artist is an artist.....
I'll do anything to enhance my creativity in my art work!~

Kleenex® Sanitizing Moist Wipe,
Is the best helper,
As my hands are colour-free and germ-free,
After each and every of my art session!

The New Disney-themed Wipes,
Are geared towards children,
To make it easier for parents,
To instill good hand hygiene habits,
From an early age.....
I love it so much!

Great news for everyone:
Kleenex® is celebrating World Hand Hygiene Day,
With Kleenex® Sanitizing Moist Wipes..

Activities will kick off on 7 May 2012,
And continue for four months...
Malaysians will get to experience,
The cleansing power of Kleenex® Sanitizing Moist Wipes..
At selected high-traffic areas in Klang Valley,
Where the Kleenex® Wipes Crew,
Will explain why it's important,
To keep your hands clean.......
Kleenex® HandSanitizing Moist Wipes,
Are effective in fight off 99.9% of germs,
While still being gentle for your skin.

Being alcohol-free,
And also enriched with Shea Butter,
Natural Aloe Vera and Vitamin E,
Theses Wipes help to nourish your skin,
In addition to keeping it clean!

It is also dermatologist-tested as,
Safe for use on babies and children.
It leaves behind no dry feeling,
No sticky or sudsy residue,
And contains no animal derivatives.
Its uniquely textured and cottony soft surface,
Helps to ensure that the skin is cleased gently but thoroughly.

The multipack Disney-themeed Kleenex® Hand Sanitizing Moist Wipes,
(In bundles of three single packs)
Are priced at RM6.90,
And for a limited time,
Kleenex® is also giving away,
Cool children's activity books,
And water bottles with every purchase.

To get instant updates,
And learn more about the product,
And about keeping our hands clean,
Participate in interesting discussions and activities,
And be a fan of Kleenex Malaysia sharing movement at facebook.
Or call Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-line,
At 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free)
On weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

Happy World Hand Hygiene Day to everybody!~

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MeRy said...

Kleenex.....a good brand.

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