Thursday, May 16, 2013

Junior Bumper @ Genting Outdoor Theme Park

Remember the time,
Early of the year...
When me and my mei mei,
Again and again and again?!~

This round,
We went to Genting Outdoor Theme Park,
And ride their Junior Bumper Car, too!~
Different location,
Similar ride....

We ride around two times only,
Before we proceed to kiddo rides...

It's fun!~
But there's so many fun rides around!~
A day full of fun!~


wenn said...

It's fun for kids!

effort lab said...

sudah lama saya tak pergi sini :O

煒霖 said...

I love to play that too!!! =]

Huai Bin said...

Oh this reminds me! I got a free room offer for June from my WorldCard (the casino card, although I don't gamble a lot nowadays).

I think it'll be nice to take the little ones up. :)

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