Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Paradigm Mall - Ocean Mania Costume Contest

Paradigm Mall will be celebrating...
World Ocean Day...
From 1-8 June 2013!~~~
There'll be lots of fun and exciting activities,
For the kids to join,
During this school holiday!!!~~

I feels so honoured,
To collaborate with Paradigm Mall......
For Ocean Mania Costume Contest!~

How to participate:
Snap your child's photo in cute 'Ocean' themed costume...
Best entries will be judge according to creativity, overall appearances and material used.

Step 2:
Email your entries to me via with photo quality around 1M.
Remember to include your name, your child's name, D.O.B, age & gender, plus your contact information: contact number, email address, facebook ID.

Winners will be announced and winners photos will be posted on Paradigm Mall's facebook as well as cre8tone's facebook!
Top 10 entries from my blog will be receiving special prize from Paradigm Mall!
Top 3 entries will be chosen from the final 10 entries to participate in the final round of the contest
Ocean Mania Costume Contest Final
Date: 8th June 2013
Time: 3pm
Venue: Concourse Square, Paradigm Mall

Rules & Regulations
1) This contest is open to parents with children below 12 years old.
2) Contestants are to post their child’s photo in “Ocean” themed costume and post it to the
    blogger’s blog before the closing date on 6th June 2013.
3) Contestants can submit more than 1 entries but only 1 entry will be picked for each contestant.
4) Photo entries will be judged on criterias such as creativity, overall appearance and material
5) Each individual blogger will choose 10 best entries that best fits to the theme of the “World
    Ocean Day” event. All top 10 selected entries will be entitled to receive a special prize for
    participating in the contest.
6) Top 3 entries from the final 10 entries will be entitled to participate in the final round of
    the contest which will be held at Paradigm Mall on the 8th June 2013.
7) The top 3 finalist from each blogger group will join 6 other finalists at the final round,
    whereby their child will appear in front of the panel judges and will be required to
    perform a spontaneous act of their choice such as singing, dancing, impersonating,
    story telling, etc. in not more than 10 minutes.
8)The decision of the judges are final and no appeals will be entertained.
9) The photo entries in this contest remains the properties of Paradigm Mall
    and shall be used for any promotional or advertising purpose in the future
    at the Mall’s management discretion without further prior consent of the
10) Prizes are not exchangeable for cash and shall not be transferable.
11) Terms & conditions stated here are subjected to change without prior notice.

Good luck for all the participants!!!

For the full event of World Ocean Day.....
Do check out the poster below:

Come and had a fun ocean day,
@ Paradigm Mall!!!


煒霖 said...

Nice event!!! =]

Sherry Go Sharing said...

Spread thr word

εlsа ღ said...

Wow.. tks ..

Yee Ling said...

Hmmm...i m not good in costume.hahahha

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