Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cafe COS @ Sealife, Sydney

Cafe COS,
This is one very special cafe,
That caught our attention.....
In Sydney Sea Life Aquarium..

Did we dine here?
And why not?
Since I said it's too special...............

It's for vegetarian!~
It's super duper fresh!~
It's lettuce!!
It's a cafe for Dugong...
It's a Dugong Eatery!~

Or beautifully called as mermaid..
Love to eat lettuce!~

Kind of love their menu,
With specials of the day!
If you can't see clearly from my photo,
I'd like to re-type it here..
Salad of the day - lettuce
Soup of the day - lettuce served in salt water..
Beverages - Salt water, sea water, brine, saline water..
Wondering what's Dugong's choice?

Very very fresh lettuce....
Lots and lots of lettuce..

I'm pretty sure Dugong have a satisfying meal,
In Cafe COS!~

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