Sunday, November 13, 2016

The KL Movement - She Moves Me

The KL Movement present...
Their 1st all women dance program...
"She Moves Me"

9 Women. 9 Stories...

9 Dance artists,
From South East Asia,
Use their specialized dance forms,
From Malaysia Arts, Heritage and Culture,
To Contemporary and Modern,
To express and explore a topic, issue, story, experience,
Personal feeling, person or journey of being a woman today.

1 Tribute,
Dedicated to a prominent senior female dance artist,
Will be celebrated..

1 choreagrapher,
Will be selected to create the Opening Work,
For the production.

Guest of Honour:
Mrs Lee Lee Lan,
Founder of Federal Academy of Ballet (1967)
and of the Dance Society of Malaysia.
Choreographed by Melody Tee
Working Team: Ruby, Atiah, Chi Ying, Sue Ki and Michelle
How busy women life could be..
Starts from early in the morning....

But life is not a race...
Slow down and enjoy a little bit more...

Between Ears not Leg
Choreographed by Maria Devonne Escobia
Performed by: Maria Devonne and Syafiq Yussof
Expresses the freedom of choice!~

Choreographed and Performed by:
Jennifer Lai Fung Yen
Our top favourite:
She dance so gracefully!~

Chereographed and performed by:
Yee SueKi and Wong ChiYing
'More mirror than window'
Very interesting message from this dance!~

Stories in Our Scars
Chereographed and performed by Joanna Faith Tan
Every scars speak it's stories...
'The wound is the place,
Where the Light enters you'
This is so meaningful!~

Choreographed and performed by Rabiatul Wahid

Under Her Skin
Choreographed by Tun Atiah
Performed by: Azmie Zanal Abdden,
Fahezul Azri bin Suhaili,
Izzazly Fikri, Syamsuddin bin Noh..
I personally think,
This dance is so unique!~
It is about an ancient Javanese tale,
That tells the story of the married men,
Who are also bethrothed to the Godness of the Sea,
Spellbinded by Her seduction.

Radha's Love
Rechoreographed , Reinterpreted and Performed by
Michelle Jueney...
An undying and loyal women's love,
Towards her promiscuous Lord,
Who is praised and celebrated by everyone.
She is His love.

Finale by,
Michelle Jueney with female cast.

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Unknown said...

Thank you Kylie Wenn. MUch appreciated 😄😄 Michelle Jueney

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