Thursday, November 24, 2016

Anchor travel cake launch

Anchor Travel Cake,
Created by Anchor Food Professionals Pastry Chefs,
Using Anchor Tinned Butter...
Made with real butter from New Zealand...

Chef's Signature Series:
Orange Canberry Travel Cake:
Plump & juicy canberries,
Soaked in Orange Juice...

Chocolate Prune Travel Cake:
A mixture of pitted prune,
Apricots and dark chocolate chucks,
Encased in a moist chocolate butter cake...

Earl Grey Apricot Travel Cake:
Earl Grey Tea,
Infused apricot,
In earl grey tea butter cake...

The Quintessential Travel Cake,
Is suitable for upcoming season of gifting and sharing:
For Christmas celebration!~

Anchor Travel Cake,
Great desserts,
During Chinese New Year...

Lovely dose of sweetness,
For romantic valentine's celebration....

Ms Linda Tan,
Director of Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia,
Explained that the travel cakes,
Were inspired by the upcoming festives,
Which is all about gifting and sharing....

"It definitely makes a difference,
When you use pure butter for travel cakes,
And Anchor Tinned Butter,
Is ideal as it has richer aroma,
And is shelf stable"
Ms Tan added..

By Anchor Food Professionals Pastry Chefs:
Chef Chrispian and Chef Ken Tan...

 A group photo...

Variety of creative serving suggestions...

It's our tea time!~
Enjoying the cakes,
With a cup of capuccino!~

My personal favourite is:
Chocolate Prunes Lollipop...
It combines perfectly,
And really melt wonderfully,
The moment I put it in my mouth...
So heavenly tasty!!!!!~~~

Gift wrapping session....

How to I customized...
My Chocolate Prune Travel Cake?

Ta Da!~
Here's my personalized customized,
Gift wrapping for yummy Anchor Travel Cake...

The Anchor Travel Cakes,
Will be available,
In over 57 outlets of these bakeries:
RT Pastry House,
boite a bijoux,
Thyme Bakery,
And Trendy Bakery in Klang Valley..
Kek Sayang in Kedah;
Savour @ Bread History in Penang;
The Baker's Hut,
Born & Bread,
And Happy Angel's Cake in Perak;
Seremban Toast House in Negeri Sembilan;
Baker's Ville in Johor;
Walnut Bakery in Sabah,
As well as Taka Cake House,
MA Baker,
And Farley Bakery in Sarawak...

Anchor Food Professionals,
Will be giving away,
A set of designer dessert spoons,
With every purcahse of 2 travel cakes,
During its availability at the partner bakeries,
From 1 December 2016,
To 31 January 2017.


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Fred Said said...

How does the taste of tinned butter differ from regular paper-wrapped butter? I can imagine those goodies above taste so rich the way they look.

Geekyswap said...

Wow,amazing cakes.
I love the they gift warap,
It's looks unique

Franc said...

The cakes and pastries looks really tasty. It can really make your mouth water.

Shub said...

Anchor is a good brand. Always nice to see and taste their creations.

Sondra Barker said...

Everything looks so delicious! Yum!

Anonymous said...

I would love to taste the Chocolate Prunes Lollipop too. It looks so delicious! I like Anchor products because they have great quality.

Bhushavali said...

Wow. Looks yummy. Perfect for the season!

Unknown said...

Chocolate Prune lollipops? Do they really taste good? It doesn't sound so appetizing.

Jason P. said...

Everything that was made looks soooo goood!!!! So amazing! :D

The Graceful Mist said...

Looking at the cakes make me hungry. I would have loved trying those yummy-looking cakes!

Unknown said...

these are so much ideal for christmas gift this coming season. i do hope i get to have some for give aways, :)

Lexhansplace said...

cool spot, i so love chocolates, though this is different but am all up for it.

Zwitsy said...

It's my first time to see anchor butter in a can. We usually have the anchor butter here in the country packed in a somewhat like paper. Anyhow, I find the recipes featured interesting plus the different sizes of cans too.

Dae Nerys said...

Ooohhh everything looks so yummy! Perfect for the upcoming Christmas holiday!

I'll check our groceries here if we already have Anchor butter in can. Hopefully it's already available. :)

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