Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rockstar Gym launch

Attending RockStar Gym,
Official Launching....

Welcoming note,
By Mr Marran...

Speaking at the laucnh,
John Franklin,
CEO of RockStar Gym said:
"Our programmes put a lot of focus,
Into the development around..
Strength, balance, coordination,
Agility, rhythm and flexibility...
While nurturing their social skills,
Such as confidence, independence,
And self-esteem....
We create opportunities and situations,
That will encourage the children,
Expressing and practicing those values,
Through a wide range of Sports Activities,
Instructed by local and international certified instructors."

RockStar Gym's mascots,
Together with the VIPs..

Launch Gambit...
Officially signing for the opening of...
RockStar Gym Malaysia!

Wonderful performance
By the instructors:
Ipit, Carol & Nadia..

Here's the video of the dance...
So cool, isn't it?

Main Rockstar Session,
Together with the kids!~

Besides Malaysia,
RockStar gym is currently keeping,
The children of Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines,
Fit and skilled through 18 gyms,
With 3 of them being in Malaysia -
The Mines, Tropicana City Mall,
And SetiaWalk.

For more information on the classes,
Schedules and membership,
Do visit www.rockstar-gym.com/my


Bhushavali said...

Looks cool. I'm not much of a gym person though. I just hit the road!

TheGracefulMist said...

Is this a "gym" for kids and teens? I hope this will encourage kids and teens to be more physically active.

❀ Grace ❀

MitchRyan's Blog said...

This is great to encourage children to exercise and teach them the importance of consistent health regimen for well being. It's something that I struggle as an adult.

mr.M said...

It's nice that you attend on oppening such a great place as Rockstar Gym. I'm not into gym but I like when people train. Thank you for sharing with us these amazing photos.

KT Nielsen said...

Looks like this is catered more towards young kids. Maybe I will bring my toddler when this opens here in the Philippines. Interesting concept!

Geekyswap said...

Looks quite good, regular gym persons will love this.

Nicol said...

its great how theres a gym for children. there's not many out there at the moment

Fred Said said...

This is a gym for kids? Did I understand that correctly from your last paragraph? Interesting concept. I guess this is like Gymboree?

Franc said...

The concept of the gym is really cool especially for kids. I'll check out the one in the Philippines.

Eliz Frank said...

Looks like quite the special gym event. Are those singers or dancers?

Mommy Roxi said...

This is great! Every city should have a Rockstar Gym for the kids to get moving!

Unknown said...

really cool concept.sounds interesting :)

Unknown said...

If this will help encourage kids to work out more or be more active, I will definitely encourage families to try it out!

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