Thursday, February 15, 2018

Online Searches on Shopee increase by 32% in line with upcoming CNY

In line with the upcoming Chinese New Year and also the growing popularity of e-commerce in Malaysia; Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, has observed a 32% increase in the volume of Malaysians searching for items on Shopee throughout this festive period. Since the launch of the Wang with Shopee campaign on 15 January which offers discounts of up to 90% and contest prizes worth more than RM1 million, many more Malaysians are turning to Shopee to shop for their Chinese New Year necessities.

“Shopping activity usually peaks during periods leading up to festive occasions, and Chinese New Year is no exception. This year, we noticed a huge spike in the number of online searches on Shopee leading up to Chinese New Year, which indicates an increasing trend of consumers opting to shop online for their festive purchases. This is a good sign, and is in line with the government’s initiatives to drive forward e-commerce in Malaysia. Shopee provides users a fast, convenient and secure platform to shop on, and with our Free Shipping across Malaysia and Zero (0) Commissions incentives, Malaysians can enjoy great convenience and cost-savings when shopping with us,” said Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee.

The most popular Chinese New Year searches in 2018 fall under the following categories: Women’s Clothing; Mobile & Gadgets; Toys, Kids & Babies; Women’s Shoes and Women’s Bags.

Top Searches by Keywords
Women’s Clothing
Blouse, Jeans, Maxi Dress, Mini Dress, Cheongsam
Mobile & Gadgets
iPhone, Samsung, Smart Watch, Xiaomi
Toys, Kids & Babies
Girls Clothing, Boys Clothing, Baby Clothing, Tommee Tippee
Women’s Shoes
Shoes, Sport Shoes, Wedges, Sandals
Women’s Bags
Sling Bag, Bag, Purse, Backpack

The most popular purchases made by Malaysians this festive season:

The Most Popular Items Sold
Women’s Shoes
Open-toe Heels
Toys, Kids & Babies
Baby Clothing Set
Home & Living
Tupperware Gift Set
Health & Beauty
Eye Makeup CNY Bundles
Groceries & Pets
Special Edition KitKat

Enjoy attractive discounts and promotions across a wide variety of products with the Wang with Shopee campaign, which is ongoing until 25 February. With over 6 million products sold by more than 200,000 sellers on Shopee Malaysia, shoppers will definitely be able to fulfill their festive shopping needs. Additionally, users can play the Fortune Ang Pao Game to stand a chance to win Golden Tickets and a grand prize of RM8,888 in cash.
Following after, Shopee will be launching the Pay Day Campaign from 26 to 28 February, which will feature even more great deals across leading brands including the Shopee’s Laptop Fair with popular brands such as Acer, ASUS, Dell and Lenovo.

Download Shopee app for FREE via App Store or Google Play.



Eyqa Hasnan said...

Dah selalu shopping kat Shopee. Kali nie harus shopping lagi. Untung banyak kalau shopping kali nie

5 Little Angels said...

Thinking to buy more CNY clothes soon. Will shop at Shopee to get more discount and I love their clothes too.

NEEZA said...

yeah i also get surprised when my bro and sister in law also shopping online especially in shopee, they said it is much worth it compared to another shopping online websites.. thus no wonder shopee will get increased by 32% for this cny

cindyrina said...

Wang with Shoppee!!! Wang also outflow. hehehe...Shopping like crazy now.

Tengkubutang said...

haha.. kalau i shopping sini, 1st sekali i mesti nak tengok bahagian Toys, Kids & Babies .. lepas tu bahagian pets .. mesti tak sedar dah keluar duit banyak for those thing.. kih3.. kenapalah banyak sangat offer ni.. hahaha

Fiza Rahman said...

Congrats shopee. I suka shopping barang baby dekat shopee sebab harga lagi murah dari online shop yang lain.

azlina ina said...

nak cuba beli kasut la pulak kat sini.. belum pernah lagi.. menarik betul offer CNY ni. Masa ni paling sesuai untuk shopping

Suria Amanda said...

Shopee make me crady, this week 2 times check out..and today i'm adding some more item in my cart..huwaaaa...i'm getting broke lor...

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

I love shopee. One of the best online platform that i release my tension my sure...

Mahamahu said...

This year's Chinese New Year is indeed all Malaysians cheaper and livelihood so there's no reason to say good stuff because we're shopping even expensive.

Sally Samsaiman said...

Tak nak shopping! tak nak!! hahahaha...stress pulak banyak sangat promo..nasib baik dah beli dah pan takoyaki kitaaa :D

I am part of that 0.001% who shopped! hahahaha

apekinahdotcom said...

Wowwww sebut pasal shopping online ingat shopee. Dengarnya barang kat situ murah-murah ye.

nikkhazami said...

apparently people love to shop online during festive season.

dr-Life said...

never forget to spend my time at this shopee platform. my favorite online shopping platform. Love this the most for time being.


Syafiera Yamin said...

tak mo shopping di shopee, tapi mungkin akan shopping juga untuk beli barangan yang i rasa berbaloi nak beli, i still prefer shipping cost patutnya lebih murah dari barang hehe

Hanny Abdullh said...

Best kalau bershopping time-time ada diskaun ni kan. Sis pun dah beli jugak..hehehe, now tengah tunggu barang nak sampai aje..:D

Bro Framestone said...

Yeahhhh... my wife punya gaji dah habis dah.. so dia xboleh nk join kempen ini.. fuhhhhh... tapi.. tapi... risau i pula yang join hahahah

Sunshine Kelly said...

Oh yess!!! I love to shop at shopee also they have got many good products at a great bargain.

seri wangi said...

Bestnya shopping kat shopee xyah nak gi mall kalau malas...jln2 jer kat shopee ni

Anonymous said...

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