Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Watsons Rimmel London

Invited by Watsons,
To attend Rimmel London's
Make up Workshop...

Rimmel London's 4 brand new look..
Live the London look...
Celebrating being Millenial and Generation-Z,
It's an attitube,
A Vibe,
It isn't afraid of reinventing,
The rules of beauty,
While inspiring confidance,
To create your own distinctive looks...

In short,
The London look,
Is whatever you want it to be,
No matter where you are in the world...
Make up your own rules!

Edgy Street Glam (South London)...
Edgy & Fashionable,
Stands out wherever she goes...
Look creted with
Defined brows using Brow This Way Brow Pomade,
Dimentional Contoured Face,
Using Insta Contour Stick,
Stay Matte Primer,
Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Kate Sculpting Palette;
Glamourous Eye Make up,
With Magnif' Eyes Eyeshadow Palette (001-Nude)
Exagerate Waterproof eye liner..
Sultry Seductive Lips,
With Stay Matte Liquid Lip (500-Fire Starter)
Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner Definer (024-Red Diva)

Experimental Hipster (East London)
Fun & Unique,
Goes all out to try different colours!
Eye Brows with Brow This Way Eyebrow Powder Kit;
Matte Skin using Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation,
And Stay Matte Primer plus Stay Matte Pressed Powder;
Statement Metallic Smokey Eye,
Using Magnif' Eyes Eyeshadow Palette (003-Smoke)
Scandaleyes waterproof Kohl Kajal (013-Purple)
100% waterproof Mascara;
Experimental Lip with Stay Matte Liquip Lip (850-Shadow)

 Fearless Chic (Western London)
This is my style...
Poised yet fearless,
Ready to take on the world..
Cool, calm and effortless...
Natural Brows with Brow this way eyebrow gel;
Flawless sin with Wake me up liquid foundation,
Wake me up liquid concealer,
Stay matte primer, stay matte pressed powder,
Gorgeous Blushed Eye Makeup,
Using Magnifeyes Eyeshadown Palette (002-Blush)
Wonder'full waterproof Mascara with Argan Oil
Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer (212 - Rich Brown)
Demure Nude Lips
Stay Matte Liquid Lip (110-Blush)

Spotlight Grunge (North London)
Cool Yet Glamourous,
Ready to be in the spotlight anytime..
Polished Brow with Brow This way Brow SHake Filling Powder,
All-day full coverage skin,
With lasting finish 25hr liquid foundation
Stay Matte Primer and Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Last Finish Blush
Rock Chic Winged Eye Make Up
Using Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definaer (161-Blackeast Black)
Scandaleyes gel Pot Liner
Scandaleyes Reloaded Waterproof Mascara
Statement Lips,
With Stay Matte Liquid Lip (810 - Plum this show)

Make up demo,
For Ashley Lau,
DJ and Lifestyle Influencer,

Make up demo,
For Edgy Street Glam,
Chacaha Membong

Having fun exploring,
The 4 London looks,
With Rimmel products!~


Ruby said...

Ala nape mereka tak jemput ruby. I nak belajar mekap Matte. Pastu nak cuba bedak yg famous tu. Stay Matte Powder tu. Sebab kat Watsons selalu habis stok. Hahahaha. Later buat video tutorial guna produk rimmel london k.

el said...

wow..love makeup look diorang tu..love nude look..

Zharif Azis said...

Waahhh best ye ada kelas2 make up mcm nie. Boleh belajar dri yg pro.

Fiza Rahman said...

Bestnya dapat attend makeup workshop. Dapat belajar banyak benda pasal makeup kan.

Dunia Mommy Comel said...

bestnya.. i pun nk juga...

Suria Amanda said...

Wow..bestnya make up workshop..i have several items Rimmel and fall in love with their eyeliner...mas go and check again to top up my make up bags

Emi said...

The cosmetics look so nice. I love them all. I wish i can join this kind of event as well.

Tengkubutang said...

bestnya dapat pi makeup workshop.. TB pun suka tengok makeup-makeup ni.. boelh belajar cara makeup yang betul kan..

Ana Suhana said...

Bestnya dapat attend event make up ni. I'm not a make up person but i love to learn on how to put a make up on our face. Who know i might be a make up lover right. 😀

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

Suka produk ni. Katanya hr tu dapat bw balik banyak barang ya. Bestnyaa

ANZ said...

nice! I wish I can go and watch it too. Really looking forward to it. Watching people demonstrating it is really fun

Jia Shin Lee said...

Another great brand has landed in Malaysia, can't wait to test out their products, I was at Watson the other day but didn't notice the brand, will check it out again.

Dikbee said...

wahh.. best nya belajar make up. I tak pandai langsung bab-bab make up ni. Kalau basic ok la... Hopefully one day dapat join class make up macam ni..

Bella Jamal said...

Bestnya dapat join event ni. Lagi best kalau dapat barang Rimmel London! Love all 4 the new look of Rimmel London. Memang suka make-up mata macam tu! Niceee!

Bella Jamal said...

Bestnya dapat join event ni. Lagi best kalau dapat barang Rimmel London! Love all 4 the new look of Rimmel London. Memang suka make-up mata macam tu! Niceee!

MaisarahSidi said...

bestnya dapat jemputan dari Watson. menarik juga produk Rimmel ni kan.. dapat juga belajar macam-macam jenis gaya mekap dalam bengkel tu


Syafiera Yamin said...

wow its too bad its on the weekdays, i have so many events I already missed out ! no more syafierayamin.com anymore, no one gonna kenal me any longer.... but I always believe in miracle ill be famous one day ahahahahahha in a good way tho....

Hanny Abdullh said...

Bestnya dapat pergi event mcm ni, teringin sangat. Boleh belajar mcm2 teknik makeup. Now main suka hati je make up..hehehe

dr-Life said...

This seems another interesting event that many ladies love it. Learn the technics before apply else for sure will become panda. Lolzzzz.. anyway good to get learn on the make up technics.


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