Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Shop away & win a getaway at Cheras LeisureMall

It's time for holiday!~
Shop in Cheras LeisureMall,
And stand a chance,
To win a holiday trip for 2,
To Sydney, Shanghai, Chiang Mai,
Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru or Penang,
With an enjoyable stay,
At a luxurious hotel,
When RM300 is spent in 2 accumulated receipts...

Besides the awesome vacation,
Winners will also get..
A premium luggage each...

Terms and condition apply...

Here's how to participate:

1. Spend at least RM300,
In not more than 2 accumulated receipts,
At participating outlets,
If more than one receipt is submitted,
Date of the 2nd receipt,
Must no exceed 14 days from the 1st receipt.

2. Obtain the entry form,
From the Information Counter,
And answer the questions stated,
In the entry form,
By referring to the photo backdrops.
Located at Level 1 & 2 LeisurePlex.

 3. Complete and submit the entry form,
Together with the receipt(s)
To the Customer Service Assistant,
At the LG Information Counter,
Before 28 February 2018

Winners will be announced on 15 March 2018

First Prize:
Return flight tickets,
To Sydney, Australia..
And 4D3N stay at Shangri-La Hotel for 2,
And 26-inch Centurion luggage x1

Second Prize
Return flight tickets,
To Shanghai, China,
And 4D3N stay at Shangri-La HOtel for 2,
And 26-inch Centurion luggage x1

Third Prize
Return flight tickets,
To Chiang Mai, Thailand,
And 4D3N stay,
At Shangri-La Hotel for 2,
And 26-inch Centurion luggage x1

3 Consolation Prizes:
Kuala Lumpur
2D1N stay at Shangri-La Hotel for 2
And 22-inch Centurion luggage x1

Johor Bahru
2D1N stay at Hotel Jen for 2
And 22-inch Centurion luggage x1

2D1N stay at Hotel Jen for 2
And 22-inch Centurion luggage x1

Winners who post their holiday photos,
With their Centurion luggage,
On their Instagram accounts,
With the hashtags #clmgetaway,
#centurioinMalaysia and #cherasleisuremall
Before 30 September 2018,
Also stand to win amazing prizes by Centurion!

The grand prize is...
A 29-inch Centurion luggage,
And 5 consolation prizes:
Centurion Jolie Kits.

Come join in and shop for a good cause!
From now till 28 February 2018,
Get the special promo code,
From the Customer Service Assitant,
At the LG Information Counter,
And you can purchase this high quality premium luggage,
At a special price of RM699,
On the Centurion online store,
Where RM70.00 from the proceeds,
Will be contributed to charity initiative!

For more info,
Kindly call 03-9132 2386;
Or email at marketing@ppb.com.my
Visit this link for the participating outlets' list...

Happy shopping!


Ezna Khalili said...

The prize is so nice. Stay in Shangri La Hotel.....Never been to cheras leisure mall. Need to check it out here soon...

Emi said...

To be honest, i have never been to Cheras leisure mall at all. I think i should give it a visit afetr Cnhinese New Year to check what is the best offer over there.

lady lisaa said...

wow the prize are so awesome and i love the design of luggage bag. it is unique and very cool. Actually i am not familiar with cheras leisure mall but i believe it is easier for me to find this mall and get the chance to win when i spend more rm300.

Syafiera Yamin said...

WOW AUSTRALIA !!!!!!!! Omg really want to go there as it is in my list, should i shop a lot in CLM ? omg been awhile dont go there maybe less attraction and hard to find parking, they need to solve it

Khir Khalid said...

Wahh really nice.. Lots of great prizes to be won! Definately worth it to spend time shopping at Cheras Leisuremall.. Thanks sharing good info :)

The Smell of Coffee said...

Usually im not lucky with giveaways lol..but i always do giveaways on my channel lol

cindyrina said...

Very long time never visit cheras leisure mall. Great Giveaway they have there. Love the luggage.

Jia Shin Lee said...

Great campaign by Cheras Leisure Mall, will join if I happen to drop by the prizes looks very tempting!

marshalizadotcom said...

Wah hadiah luggage tu best. Dah lama tak ke cheras leisure mall. Nt nak join lah contest

Hasif Hamsyari said...

This is awesome! Dapat travel free! Woohoo! Would like to try my luck. Thank u for sharing this!

Huda Halid said...

wow, i love all the luggage design, so trendy and nice. The prizes also interesting. I must go shopping to cheras leisure mall this weekend

Dikbee said...

ok, i dah jatuh cinta dengan luggage tu.. cantikkkk... tapi memang berbaloi join contest ni. hadiah dia bestttt

Bella Jamal said...

Menariknya hadiah percutian. Somemore baguslah dapat accumulate resit within 14days frm 1st receipt. Dapat luggage tu pun dah berbaloi. Kebetulan nak cari new luggage. Bolehla cuba nasib nanti.

Mimie said...

Wah the prizes are awesome. Rasa nak join but i never go to the Cheras Leisure Mall.

Mawardi Yunus said...

Oemgeee the luggage is so nice. Nak joinlah. Ok petang ni p shoping kat sanalah. Hehe


Kak suka tengok luggage dia design cantik2 belaka..nti nak pegi shopping kat sana

Suria Amanda said...

To be honest i never visit Cheras leisure mall..need to go there one fine day..good prizes for the lucky customer...

Betty's Journey said...

Can win a trip to my favourite prize? Wow, that is a good contest. Want to try my luck too.

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