Friday, January 11, 2019

Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Finale

Little Engineer learning physics!~

Fun-filled educative learning workshop...
Partnering with Science Bridge Academy,
To equip all of us,
With quick-tips about how to maximise their game,
And their shot at the title...
Through fun demonstration,
And easy-to-understand explanations,
Chief Scientist, Ravin,
From Science Bridge Academy,
Threw a light onto the many educational benefits,
Of Hot Wheels diecast cars and tracksets,
Demonstrating what it means,
To embrace the challenger spirit..

Oh yeah!
Exploring science behind wheels...

"At Mattel,
We believe that play is more t han a way to pass the time..
Play is an essential tool,
For healthy growth of children,
And the more involved a mother can be,
The better off their child..

With Hot Wheels,
We encourage children,
To embrace the challenger spirit,
That lives within each of them..

The challenger spirit encourages them,
To face difficulties,
Head on and to persevere through uncertainty,
It's a life skill,
That they can take with them
For t he rest of their lives"
Said Ivan Franco,
Country Manager of Mattel Southeast Asia

Fully agreed....
That's how my 3 kiddos learn,
Through playing Mattel toys!~

Friendly match!~
Relaxing and fun match!~

A dream come true for Eaden Lim Sze Han,
And Muhammad Harith Iqbal bin Shahril,
Who came out on top at the Malaysia National Finals..
Winning the honour to represent Malaysia,
At the Grand Finals in Jakarta...

Little princess and little baby prince...
Proud to be 1st and 2nd prize winners as well...
Bringing home their favourite hot wheels!
Vroom Vroom!!!

For more information,
Or facebook page @hotwheels.

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