Sunday, January 13, 2019


The grand opening of...
Inspired by renowed variety shows like:
Running Man, Super Trio Game Master...
With the aim to bring,
Exclusive celebrity experiences,
To everyone!~

 With 4 years of experience from Hong Kong,
And as the creator of hero product
"Rain Biking and Human Ping Pong"
MYBestBox brings its flagship store,
With over 40 attractions and games,
Within an expansive 12,000sf game space,
In Berjaya Time Square,
With the ability to accommodate,
Up to 500guests,
At any one time!

Everyone gets to enjoy exclusive new innovations,
Amongst the many attractions are:
VS Hall,
The Dry Pool,
Crazy Kartz,
Kiddy Zone,
Rage Room,
Party Room,
The Box!

Human Claw Machine!~

Human Ping Pong!
Keep on blowing~~~

6-Way Air Hockey!
Neverending fun-filled time!

Human Whack-a-mole..
Let's start whacking!~

Rain Biking..
Be prepared to get WET!

Sumo Boxing...
Let's FIGHT!

Crazy Kartz -
An enhanced version of Go-karts,
Challenge friends to have a fun game of Go-kart,
Where everyone can drift across the finish line!

For more information,
Hop over to

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