Thursday, November 27, 2008

Great Dining~

Wanted to dine in this restaurant for so long~~~
Everytime very very long queue,
And we decided not to wait...


They said it's an award-winning-restaurant..
Let's see how good the food is~~~~~~

And the service of the staffs are superb!~
EVERYTIME I drop my plates, spoons on the floor,
Before mummy pick it up for me,
The staff already did!~
Thumbs up!!!!!!

This xiu long pao is super duper yummy!~

Our favourite dishes of all!~

We distribute equally:
Two for daddy,
Two for mummy,
And two for me!~


Mummy Gwen said...

I like Xiao Loong Pao too. We usually have those at Dragon-I. Wah..little Sean also know that the paos taste good hor..hehe. Where is the place by the way, Kylie?

Oliveoylz said...

Oh yummy...I love siu loong bao...hmmm...come to think of it... time to go get some!

cre8tone said...

Mummy Gwen, it's in Mid Valley~~~ Opposite Cold Storage... The Pau very nice, highly recommend... But the mee dishes so so only~ Go try the xiu long pau.. super duper duper yummy~~ Even sean oso loves it so much!~ Eat finish the whole pau, ask for 2nd one somemore...

Olive, go go go, go get some.. for urself and also ur little dancing queen.. heheh~~

Administrator said...

i like the xiao long bao too...yum!

LittleLamb said...

I love Xiao Loong Pao too.....
one of these days, should visit MV for it.

Glad that Sean is coping well n eating well too.

andrewjune said...

i love the ones at a matter of fact i thk we are going there for dinner today hehehe...

LHS said...

wow, little boy could finish 2?? WOW..

Anonymous said...

i like the xiu long bao jus as i like xiu long lui~
but msia outlet dun hv the instruction on how to eat them~
the rice in egg is jus so so, the fried rice stall beside longkang oso better than theirs...

Constance Chan said...

wow looks yummy!

ws said...

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Chubskulit Rose said...

ohhh wow, we call it siopao in the philippines... hmmmmnnn am drooling hehehe..

cre8tone said...

Contendedmom, Constance, yeah! delicious!~

Littlelamb, go try out, I think u'd love it too!

Huisia, ya lo, I don't expect he can finish 2 at first... After he finish 1, he request for another one and manage to finish!!

Bunny, got correct way to eat it? I thought juz put into the mouth and chew~~ haha~~ Other than the pau, I dun think other dishes is nice there.. hehe~~

Ws...... speechless..

Chubskulit, we hv siu pao here oso.. but it's another kind of pao.. ;)

Kristie said...


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