Thursday, December 29, 2016

Chun Ciou Hotpot

First Authentic Taiwanese Imperial..
"Served-to-table" hotpot buffet...
Chunciou Hot Pot..
Located along Jalan Old Klang Road...

I think you will have no problem...
In spotting the building..
It looks kind of outstanding!~

The environment is super comfy and cosy...
The best place ever,
To eat steamboat!~

Variety of drinks,
To choose from..

My favourite appetizer:
Lotus marinated with Mango!
So uniquely yummy!~

Not forgetting kimchi,
And cherry tomato marinated with lime..
It's equally yummy!~

The most special part is...
We actually put 'mua-chi' inside the hotpot..
And it taste really delicious!~

Other steamboat ingredients include:
Wasabi ball,
Hot sesame bun
Taro fish ball
Sincere ball
Curry fish ball
Cheese fish toufu
Cheese prawn ball
Premium prawn ball
Red heart ball
Mushroom fish ball
Premium cuttlefish ball
Pork Tendon ball
Fish and squid mixture
Ham ball
White fish ball
Abalone slice
Special tofu
Handmade meat ball..

White carrot
Abalone mushroom
Golden mushroom
Chinese yam
Sweet potato
Chieh gua
Chinese Fungus
Bok Choy
Yau Mak

Variety of the sauces:
Green Onion
Thai Chilli Sauce
Fruit Sauce
Satay Paste
Soy Sauce
Sesame Sauce
Bean Curd

Featured soup base
Sukiyaki soup
Lakesalt soup
Tonkatsu Soup
Spicy soup
Herbal Soup
Tomyam Soup...

Must try: Lakesalt soup...
Super refreshingly nice....

Side dishes:
Udon noodles
Dong fen
Spinach noodles
Beancurd skin
Toufu puff
Fried bread stick
Braised pork rice

Highly recommended:
Braised pork rice..
Even without the pork,
The plain rice tastes so yummy!~

Specially Selected Meat:
Australian Striploin
Australian Ribeyes
Lamb Shoulder Roll
Pork Belly
Pork Shoulder
Chicken Fillet
Duck Roll..

Meet the general!~

Red Bean Soup
Ice Cream
Sweet Lemon Slice...

For more information,
Tel: 012-6882860 016-5454348 / 018-2776503
Address: Lot 306, Batu 3, Jalan Klang Lama, KL
Lunch 12pm-3pm RM69.60 per pax
Dinner 5pm-12am RM87.00 per pax


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Mitchelle said...

Every dish looks sumptuous. This would be a great place to hang out with friends and family in the new year.

Bhushavali said...

I haven't had a chance to try out Taiwanese cuisine yet. The Lotus stem in Mango Pure sounds too yum...

Shub said...

Nicee...I love hotpots...Healthier and fresher.

Franc said...

They do have a lot of options for a hot pot. Definitely a good place to dine.

The Ordinary Girl said...

I love, love Hot Pot with spicy Tom Yam soup! I love putting bean curd, mushrooms and chicken in it. At Absolute Thai in Malaysia, the sauces served are so tangy and spicy … my mouth is literally watering now as I think of it!

Roch said...

There's so many ingredients to choose from! It's been like a year since we had buffet steamboat. I really like the thin slices of beef and beancurd skin.

Unknown said...

I'm really interested to know how the mochi taste after it get into the hotpot! This is something I've never tried! Interesting~

Fred Said said...

How coincidental that we just came home from eating in a shabu-shabu restaurant when I read this one. I'm not very much into this, but we had a great family dinner.

Unknown said...

Uf.... this restaurant seems amazing, the huge variety of dishes is awesome. Thanks for this really delicious post <3

Miera Nadhirah said...

looks like a lovely place to dine... i love a good hot pot anytime...

The Graceful Mist said...

This seems like a great eating place with quite a variety to choose from. I like that they have some vegetables.

❀ Grace ❀

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