Tuesday, December 6, 2016

L’Oréal building a better life through beauty

Loreal is always my favourite brand..
When it comes to beauty...

Attended a special event,
Where 10 young women,
From underprivileged backgrounds,
Are now certified hairdressers,
After six months of training,
Under Beauty for a Better life programme..
By Loreal Malaysia..
Through a partnership,
Between National Council of Women's Organization (NCWO)
And the Vocational Training Opportunity Centre by YWCA...

Best part is,
I get to know,
How Loreal Story Begins...

Jean Loh,
Corporate Communications Director,
Loreal Malaysia said:
"The hair dressing business is worth RM10 billion,
With abundant opportunities for employment,
And good hairdressing skills,
Are extremely valued.

We want to help disadvantaged girls,
To leverage these opportunities,
And earn a comfortable living,
Through skilled work.
When they have better life,
They can provide the same,
For their children,
And the benefit continues through generations.

This is how Loreal Malaysia gives back to the society:
By helping to break the cycle of poverty through beauty!"

Speech by....
Mr Malek Bekdache,
Managing Director of Loreal Malaysia

Mai-Linh Dao Ferguson,
Asia Zone Corporate Communications Director...

June Yeoh,

Senia Anak Engkamat from Sibu,
Who was named as the best performer of her batch,
Is elated to join the hairdressing industry...

10 young women... 
Building a Better Life though beauty...

Education provides the freedom to choose...
According to Jean Loh,
The beauty brand plans,
To support girls to be trained,
In make-up course,
On top of the hairdressing course....


Bhushavali said...

That's a very commendable service by Loreal. A very worthwhile csr initiative. Hats off to them...

Fred Said said...

Kudos to Loreal Malaysia for helping these underprivileged girls. Let us hope this new beginning becomes a effective living for them and their families.

Gil Camporazo said...

I have read about L'Oreal which deals or produces cosmetics and beauty products for skincare, haircolor and haircare, makeup shades among others. And it has many branches all over the world including our country. I know this French cosmetics company has already helped anyone as they join and start selling its products.

Franc said...

L'Oreal has been a trusted brand for beauty through the years. It's nice that they remains strong and committed through the years.

Shub said...

It's good to see that big brands come up with good initiatives. This definitely generates lot of awareness among people.

Unknown said...

Oh L'Oreal is one of my favorites brands. Cool post ♡

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