Monday, December 5, 2016

Naturafun christmas beauty box

Ho Ho Ho!~
It's Christmas...
I got a super lovely beauty box...
Exclusively from

Better for the planet,
Better for you...
As it is engineering by nature!~

Aromatherapy spa everyday oil...
S-Line Body oil for slimming
Egypt's Queen Body oil
Sleeping beauty Body oil..

I like the light smooth texture of the oil...
The aroma of the oil is so nice...
Love it very much!~

Beauty Face Soap...
Detoxifies and rejuvenates skin...
I like the smell of this beauty soap!~
Very refreshing!~

Moisturizing Lip Balm...
Contains shea butter,
Grapeseed oil, bee wax,
Vitamin E and...
Cold press pepermint essential oil..

Aromatherapy Spa Exfoliation Scrub...

Coffee Slimming Body Scrub:
A fabulous body scrub,
That exfoliates, nourishes,
Tones and brightens the skin,
While moisturising it too..
Made with soft brown sugar,
With ground espresso coffee powder,
To get rid of dead skin,
And a blend of virgin sweet almond oil,
Glycerine to moisture..
Leaving skin feeling silky smooth..
Anti-cellulite, deep cleans and moisture

Whitening Body Scrub:
Made with white sugar,
To get rid of dead skin,
A blend of extra virgin coconut oil,
And glycerine to moisturize
Whitening, deep cleans, moisture

Smoothing Body Scrub:
Exfoliates, refreshing and relaxing skin,
While moisturizing it.
Extra blend of virgin olive oil,
And glycerine to moisture...
Leaving skin silky smooth..
Relaxing, deep cleans and moisture...

Last but not least,
Eczema Saver Soap (Honey Oat)
It is a natural treatment soap,
Which is kind to sensitive,
And those with extremely dry skin..
It contains very raw honey oatmeal bar,
For special care..
It helps to relieve skin irritation,
Reduce inflammation and heal rashes, eczema psoriasis and poison ivy,
Helps to alleviate sunburn pain,
Correcting the pH of itchy or inflamed skin back to normal
Helps aid dry skin and sensitive skin..
It is up to 80% of conditioning level,
Deep moisturizing...

All soaps from are:
Biodegradable, Gluten-free, No Soy or soybean oil,
SLS free, Paraben Free, Alcohol free...

If you are looking for something truly natural,
As Christmas gifts,
Hop over to now!~


Unknown said...

That's a lot of things in a beauty box! The aroma oil looks really good. Thanks for sharing.

MitchRyan's Blog said...

If all are truly free from harmful chemicals then this a must buy. Thanks for sharing.

Franc said...

They have a really nice packaging. There's also a nice mix of the beauty products in the box.

Shub said...

Christmas means dressing up. So yes, this beauty box will surely help.

Fred Said said...

This package looks very good as a gift for a mother or wife. Something they can pamper themselves with. That lip balm looks like it has an interesting taste.

Lee said...

Great xmas gift box full of nice beauty products

Bhushavali said...

That looks like a perfect gift, even if its gifting urself!!!

Unknown said...

this is sooo pretty! What a nice Christmas gift box. So meaningful and useful! Will love to have one for myself!

Sunshine Kelly said...

I like their SPA scrub, its very relaxing and good.

Unknown said...

The packaging is so cute! And the spa products looks really good. I didn't know this store. Thanks for the post!

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