Monday, December 19, 2016

Aeon Maxvalu opens its first 'prime' store at Velocity

Aeon Maxvalu Prime
At Sunway Velocity Mall...
Opens its doors...
To offer a wide selection of fresh vegetables...
And seasonal fruits,
Organic items,
Hea;thy ready-to-go food options,
As well as cooking tips,
And menu for urban shoppers...

MaxValu Prime's uniqueness,
Lies in its main commitment,
To present shoppers with fresh ingredients,
And delicious meal options...

Aeon Maxvalu Prime
At Sunway Velocity Mall...
The very first to present,
This exciting new concept,
For shoppers who are always looking for,
Quality and convenience in a supermarket..

Look at the freshness of the Salmon displayed..
Simply attractive enough to bring home and cook it..

The Marinated Meat corner,
Offers a selection of ready-to-cook meat,
For the convenience of working and busy individuals..

Recipe cards filled with ideas and tips,
On what to cook and how to cook seasonal produce,
Is available at the demonstration Cooking Station..

Very fresh vegetables,
Comes all the way from the farm..

MaxValu Prime,
Well-stocked with usual daily necessities,
And more choices of quality non-food and grocery items,
Imported from Japan, Korea, United Kingdom,
Australia, German and Italy.

Not forgetting,
The Food Street,
Which features popular Japanese-style street food,
Japanese concept bakery

MaxValu Prime at Sunway Velocity Mall,
Is conceptualized with all shoppers' needs in mind,
And with this new store,
Shoppers will lead to a healthier lifestyle with less hassle.

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Sherry Go Sharing said...

wow sushi, now I am hungry!!

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