Monday, December 19, 2016

11street 2017 online shopping market outlook

11street dispenses,
The truth about online shopping,
And highlights what the future holds:
3,507 Malaysians,
From all 14 states in Malaysia,
Responded to 11street's online survey,
And revealed key findings,
And trend for the new year moving forward..

Hoseok Kim,
CEO of 11street explained:
Based on the findings of survey,
We concluded that,
The online shopping sphere in Malaysia,
Is thriving,
Fueled by potentials for it,
To mature and grow...

5 Keys trends for Online Shopping in Malaysia 2017
1. Online shopping si the way forward
2. Payment methods will continue to mushroom
3. Exploration and venture into new product categories
4. Express delivery will gain traction
5. It goes beyond price...
Ong-some your way,
To a Prosperous Chinese New Year...

Shine This New Year,
With a series of spring cleaning products,
From brands such as Air Wick, Dettol,
Harpic and Vanish,
And stand a chance to win 88 gold coins worht RM88,000;

Chinese New Year hampers,
From health and food brands,
Namely Eu Yan Sang, Konohimitsu and Tong Garden,
For gifts that are carefully chosen for loved ones,
Family, friends and business associates;

Ong-some Gadgets deals,
From established smartphones makers of Huawei and OPPO,
in which consumers are given the option,
To pre-order the limited edition Huawei Porche Design Mate 9,
Or purhcase the OPPO F1S and R9S,
With a special Chinese New Year bundle.

Hope over to
And start shopping for your CNY now!

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