Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Kipling adopts Gibbons at Zoo Negara Malaysia

Kipling Malaysia,
The fashion bag brand....

Announced its partnership...
With Zoo Negara Malaysia,
By adopting Dan and Cutie...
A pair of endangered White Handed Gibbons...

Gibbons are small,
Arboreal apes,
Distributed in the wild,
In the tropical and subtropical rainforests,
Of Malaysia and Southeast Asia..
They are currently found,
In small population in Malaysia.
They are endangered,
Becaused they are threatened primarily,
By lost of their forest habitat...
Besides that,
Illegal wildlife trade,
The use of their body parts,
In the manufacture of..
Traditional medicines and poaching...

 "Kipling is proud,
To partner with Zoo Negara,
To support the upkeep,
And healthcare of these beautiful endangered apes,
And its initiatives.."
Said Tan Seong Teck,
Executive Director,
Ram Pacific Distribution Sdn Bhd,
The sole distributor of Kipling Malaysia.

Speech by En Hafidz Bin Rahmat,
Chairman of Public Relations,
Marketing and Customer Service,
Of Zoo Negara Malaysia...

Kipling unveiled...
Basic Plus Capsule Collection..
A brand new Asia-exclusive limited collection,
In 2017 Holiday Pre-Spring Season..
Featuring a new, water-repellent nylon fabric,
Ideal for everyday life,
Pairing well with all looks,
And offering all a woman needs,
For festive occasions...

Since Kipling's inception..
The brand has remained commited,
To their mission of 'Stylish Functionality'
By creating bags...
That are functional and durable,
That has helped its customers,
Look and fell their best,
For 30 years...

For more information,
Check out Kipling Malaysia's facebook,
Or Kipling Malaysia's instagram...

Locate Kipling's brand new collection at,
Kipling Mid Valley Megamall (03-22872199)
Kipling 1 Utama Shopping Centre (03-77241293)
Kipling Aeon Tebrau City (07-3510262)
Kipling Queensbay Mall (04-6442992)

Public can visit gibbons,
At Zoo Negara Malaysia,
Which is open daily,
From 9am to 5pm all year long..
To plan your visit,
Go to
Or call 03-41083422/4/7/8


Unknown said...

That's amazing, since Kipling's logo is recognizable with the cute monkey, it makes sense that the charity they would get is to adopt the gibbons!

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful that they are helping these animals so much. My son and I love to visit the zoo. Shell

The Graceful Mist said...

I hope that the animals are being taken care of very well. I remember my first Kipling bag which was pink. I remember always playing with the "toy" dangling beside the bag.

❀ Grace ❀

Elizabeth O said...

I do really love Kipling bag. I love the simplicity and the design of there bags. and I love to hear that Kipling adopts this Gibbons at Zoo Negara Malaysia.

sadhna shanker said...

Great example of private public partnership. Hope the gibbons survive and multiply.

Unknown said...

Sounds like such a wonderful zoo and such great animal care. It's wonderful you're bringing attention to treating animals with care.

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