Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Scholastic new books

Kiddos cheer happily..
With another set of new books...
From Scholastic..

Geronimo Stilton,
Is Little Prince's all time favourite..
And now...
It's also Little Princess's favourite series...

Shoo, Caveflies!
From Cavemice series...
Little prince's reading,
Each and every book in Cavemice series,
And he's looking forward for the new one...
The cavemice are celebrating,
The return of the great explorer,
Paleo Pickax,
When the saber-toothed tigers attack...
Stone Age Slumber,
An illness that makes them fall asleep,
And Geronimo and Paleo,
Is on the way to find the cure:
Which is tea made from the rare pee-yoo flower...
Can they find it in time?

Classic Tales,
Classic novel by Lewis Carroll...
Alice In Wonderland,
A story just nice for little princess:
Mouselet named Alice,
Follows a strange white rabbit,
With pocket watch down,
An even stranger rabbit hole...
And began her journey through Wonderland...

Creepella Von Cacklefur,
An enchanting and mysterious mouse,
With a pet bad named Bitewing....
By night Creepella,
Is a special-effects designer and director of scary films..
And by day,
She's studying to become a journalist...
The Haunted Dinosaur...
The very first time,
We read about Geronimo,
In scary version...
The terrible haunted dinosaur,
Has mysteriously come to life,
And is wreaking havoc,
Throughout Mysterious Valley!~
Can Creepelal and Geronimo stop it?

No Way!
This is a Crocodile..
Illustrated by Heath McKenzie...
The most amazing part about this book is,
It really makes little baby prince explore and imagine..
What's hiding underneath the picture...
And while he opens up...
It gives him a big big surprise...
Truly impressive illustration...
We had so much fun exploring the book!~

The Notebook of Doom..
Is a series of books,
Filled with monsters....

Rise of the Balloon Goons,
By Troy Cummings..

A story about Alexander Bopp,
Whom just moved to Stermont,
A creepy town...
He finds a notebook filled with monster drawings,
And he starts seeing balloon goons..
Those arm-waving balloon guys,
All over the town.....
Check out what really happens..
In the book!~

Playdate Pals...
In 4 simple stories.
Written especially for Little Baby Prince,
Whom just begins,
To manage their own behaviour..

The loveliest part is,
It comes with a reward chart,
And fun sticker sheet...

Never stop having fun..
Reading Scholastic Books!~
Love it so much!

Scholastic books,
Are available,
At the major bookstores,
Including Popular, MPH and Kinokuniya.
For online purchase,
Hop over to
Or Kinokuniya Webstore..

Visit Scholastic's facebook,
For more information on Scholastic's books..

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Elizabeth O said...

It looks like a great book to read with children. My niece loves to read books and discover new things. I would love to buy this for him. I am sure he really loves it so much and give me a big hug.

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